Ventilation Management for Continuous Improvement

Allen Doyle

The topic of laboratory ventilation management and upgrades is a many-headed monster that is expensive to feed, and hard to discipline. The costs can be 25% of your campus energy budget, and the barriers to progress may seem insurmountable: old technology, complicated monitoring and outdated controls, design mismatch, air quality issues, scientists and professors with unpredictable demands and ever-changing needs, constant training and data analysis. Is your site handling this in a comprehensive way, or playing whack-a-mole with emergencies and crumbling infrastructure? What financial leveraging will empower your site? Are your stakeholders collaborating at level 1, or level 5?

The Sustainable Laboratory Accelerator Maturity Matrix (SLAMM) tool and continuous improvement process will diagnose where your team is functioning, and create an action plan for progress over the next 1-3 years for big savings and greenhouse gas reductions. Come to this demonstration to see what the latest generation of the tool is like, and whether it might serve you or your clients.

Bring your laptop or smartphone and be ready to assess!


After 20 years of ocean and soil science, the urgency of environmental degradation compelled Allen Doyle to leave the bench and work on conservation in in the research setting itself. He brings an occupant focus, and he is co-founder of LabRATS, organizer of 200+ member national network, and recipient of the 2017 Going Beyond Award. He has engaged in HVAC optimization through set point relaxation, control banding and solvent reductions. He works to reduce plug load, co-founded Freezer Challenge, as well as procurement strategic sourcing and design advocacy. He collaborates with campuses across the country, federal agencies like U.S. Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and private sector laboratories, and he serves on two steering committees in I2SL.


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