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Issue 22 - November/December 2011

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Happy Holidays! On behalf of I2SL, thank you for making 2011 such a wonderful year for the sustainable high-tech building community, and for I2SL. From hosting a very successful conference to initiating our High-Tech Talks Webinar Series to launching the much-anticipated International Sustainable Laboratory Student Design Competition, we've continued advancing our mission to educate members of the sustainable high-tech facility community and connect you with one another.

In November and December, I met with Global Sustainable Laboratory Network (GSLN) partners at events in Spain and Belgium to discuss a matrix of high-tech laboratory topics and projects developed by GSLN partners. Using this matrix, the GSLN partners are identifying common interests for collaboration. I2SL and the GSLN look forward to sharing these areas of collaboration with you in the coming weeks.

I2SL is pleased to announce Gordon Sharp of Aircuity, Inc., as the new vice president of I2SL's Board of Directors. Gordon has assisted I2SL in numerous arenas, from speaking each year at the Labs21 Annual Conference to hosting several workshops to participating in international outreach. With more than 25 years of sustainable laboratory innovation and design experience, Gordon is a valuable asset to I2SL, the Labs21 Community, and beyond.

In the next few months, I will travel to San Jose, California, to kick off planning for the Labs21 2012 Annual Conference. We're delighted to head back to the West Coast and look forward to working with our 2012 Conference Planning Committee and other California contacts to organize a comprehensive program of new concepts, strategies, presentations, and products for the sustainable laboratory community. Many thanks in advance to the 2012 Conference Planning Committee for your invaluable input!

Best wishes to you all, and a happy New Year!


Phil Wirdzek


Phil Wirdzek
President and Executive Director

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Labs21 2012 Annual Conference

Can You Hear It? The Labs21 2012 Annual Conference is Calling for Presenters

Your experience is invaluable and your perspectives are unique. That's why I2SL wants you to submit your abstract for the Labs21 2012 Annual Conference Call for Presenters. The call is open to all members of the sustainable laboratory and high-tech facility community, whether you're a veteran presenter or new to the industry.

I2SL is seeking presentations on a wide variety of topics. Share your case studies and lessons learned during a technical presentation or symposium, start a conversation with likeminded professionals by hosting a Morning Roundtable discussion, or show others how to use a new tool you've developed during a Tool-Torial presentation.

Don't wait! The call for abstracts ends March 23 so submit your abstract today.

Discover San Jose

Technology and Services Fair Corner

2012 Schedule

To improve the Tech Fair experience for both exhibitors and attendees, I2SL updated the exhibit hall schedule for 2012.

The exhibit hall in San Jose will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 2, and from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 3. These new operating hours still include the three-hour lunchtime exhibitor showcases and the two-hour Tuesday Evening Reception. However, the exhibit hall will remain open during breaks and technical sessions. The Technology Demonstrations will still take place in the exhibit hall, as will all meals during open exhibit hall hours.

Early Bird Booth Registration

Register for your booth today to get the best location, price, and promotional opportunity for your company. Nearly 20 percent of the booths are already taken, so don't delay!

Put Your Company in the Spotlight All Year Long

Looking to promote your company to a targeted high-tech facility audience? Look no further than Labs21 2012 Annual Conference sponsorship. I2SL offers a range of options to fit any budget, and sponsoring early will ensure your organization will receive prominent, extended exposure through logo placement on the I2SL website, conference emails, this newsletter, and materials at the conference.

One option is to sponsor the awards luncheon, taking place on the final day of the conference. Hundreds of individuals will gather to network and witness the presentation of the Go Beyond Awards and the International Sustainable Laboratory Student Design Competition Awards. Sponsorship means your company's logo will be prominently displayed throughout the dining hall and featured on the Go Beyond Award winners' plaques and certificates. Sponsor today!

Conference Charity Golf Tournament to Take Place in Beautiful Bay Area

What do oceanic views, fun giveaways, a clam bake, and (most importantly) supporting the Salinas Children's Hospital have in common? They are all part of the SGC Charity Golf Tournament which will be held in conjunction with the Labs21 2012 Annual Conference. The tournament will take place at the picturesque Bayonet Black Horse Golf Club, situated off of Monterey Bay, about an hour south of San Jose. The event will take place Sunday, September 30, with a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start. Check the SGC Foundation website for updates.

Training Tidbits

Participate in I2SL's High-Tech Talks Webinar Series

I2SL's High-Tech Talks Webinars are a great way to learn new skills and stay abreast of the latest industry ideas, trends, and technologies. Interested in participating in I2SL's next webinar? On February 7, Geoffrey Bell of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will give a talk entitled Make the Labs21 Tool Kit Your Most Valuable (Free) Design Tool. Registration will be available on I2SL's website soon.

Are you interested in bringing your expertise to I2SL's Community through a webinar? Please email I2SL and let us know what you would like to present on and when you are available to speak. You get the benefit of promoting yourself or your company's ideas, expertise, or products to a receptive audience and receiving questions from engaged audience members. In addition, your presentation will be more than just a one-time offering; I2SL records all webinars and ensures that your information will continue to be available to the community even after the live webinar is over.

I2SL's E-Library

Read All About It! New Extended Abstracts Added to I2SL's E-Library

Eleven new papers—extended abstracts from the Labs21 2011 Annual Conference—have just been added to I2SL's E-Library. Each year, I2SL works with R&D Magazine to compile these extended abstracts and publish them in I2SL's E-Library and a special issue of R&D Magazine's Laboratory Design Newsletter.

The newly added extended abstracts cover topics such as:

  • Sustainable, high-tech facility case studies
  • Building information modeling
  • Carbon neutral campuses
  • Natural ventilation practices

I2SL's E-Library is a portal of information on new technologies, case studies, lessons learned, and other valuable resources from around the world for architects, engineers, builders, owners, and operators of laboratories and other high-tech facilities. Read these articles and more in I2SL's E-Library.

I2SL Spotlight On...

Joe Phillips, Former I2SL Board of Directors Member

I2SL would like to thank Joe Phillips for his four years of service on the I2SL Board of Directors. During that time, Joe provided assistance to I2SL in numerous capacities, such as speaking at multiple Labs21 Annual Conferences, serving as a member of the Conference Planning Committee, instructing I2SL workshops throughout the country, and actively participating in I2SL-led discussions on building information modeling, operations and maintenance, and the Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria.

Joe is currently the director of Smarter Buildings/Smarter Cities at IBM Global Business Services. In his previous capacity as CEO and project director of Phillips Collaborative, LLC, he brought a special focus to the recovery of capital resources through the development and implementation of sustainability programs for facilities and operations. Joe concentrated on the enhancement of science and technology missions through expert planning and design of operation-critical facilities. His diverse background and experience enabled capital project teams to create, align, and apply the best ideas. Joe continues to be a close colleague and valued contributor to I2SL.

Brad Cochran, Go Beyond Individual Award Winner


Brad Cochran
2011 Go Beyond Award winner.

Brad Cochran was honored with the 2011 Go Beyond Individual Award for his work on a wide range of projects at universities, federal agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. Using computational fluid dynamics and modeling, Brad's work informs his clients on re-entrained exhaust, plume impacts on neighboring communities, indoor-air circulation patterns, and the potential for cross contamination. Brad has been instrumental in the development of the Equivalent Building Dimension concept, which provides greater accuracy in estimating concentrations due to building downwash using EPA's Industrial Source Complex model.

Brad is an active member of I2SL's Community, consistently going above and beyond by regularly presenting at conferences, lending his technical expertise to a variety of Labs21 Best Practices and Case Studies, and developing a workshop on wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics modeling.

I2SL recognizes Brad for his work and congratulates him on his Go Beyond Award!

Around the Industry

Student Design Competition Project Featured in Public Television Program

The Salt River Bay Marine Research and Education Center (MREC) project—the focus of the International Sustainable Laboratory Student Design Competition—was recently featured in a U.S. Virgin Islands Public Television piece. The MREC feature starts at the 18:10 mark in the November 13, 2011, edition.

The focus of the International Sustainable Laboratory Student Design Competition is to provide engineering and architecture students with a real-world sustainability project that will house a marine laboratory, education center, and museum collections complex. Watch the video to learn more about the MREC project, and be sure to encourage university faculty and students you know to enter the competition. Winners of the International Sustainable Laboratory Student Design Competition will be announced and featured at the Labs21 2012 Annual Conference.

Interested in making sure the competition is a success? Sponsor the competition and receive numerous networking and promotional benefits, while supporting the next generation of innovative architects and engineers. Sponsor today!

Stormwater Management: How Going with the Flow Can Help Your Facility Go Green

Lots of work is involved in designing plumbing systems inside buildings, but what about water that flows outside of buildings? That's where stormwater management practices come into play. Stormwater management has received more attention in the past few years due to increased federal requirements and guidance, interest in lowering the amount of municipal water used for landscape irrigation, and increased attention to pollution removal from stormwater runoff before it reaches our waterways. Sustainable stormwater management practices, commonly known as low impact development, include rain gardens, green roofs, bioswales, permeable pavement and pavers, and rainwater harvesting. These practices allow runoff to filter through the soil on site, which recharges groundwater and supplies and improves water quality because runoff is filtered through the soil as it absorbs into the ground. In addition, infiltrating and detaining rainwater and runoff on site reduces the volume of runoff that enters the traditional stormwater treatment system directly after a rain event. Reducing runoff volume decreases flooding events and results in less stream channel erosion.

University of Rhode Island Outdoor Rain Garden. Architect: Payette. Photo credit: Warren Jagger Photography

Outside view of the CBLS building.

Labs21 2011 Annual Conference tour attendees saw multiple examples of how stormwater management practices have been implemented on laboratory sites. At the University of Rhode Island (URI) Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences (CBLS) in Kingston, Rhode Island, a beautiful rain garden welcomes visitors to the facility. Rainwater from the roof is directed down to ground level and under a walkway into the garden. The garden also absorbs rainwater falling directly into and around it. As rainwater flows through the garden, pollutants are removed as the rainwater is absorbed into the ground, resulting in reduced, cleaner runoff that is treated on site. URI CBLS also boasts a green roof, which captures and detains rainwater. The rain garden and green roof both use native vegetation that requires minimal irrigation with municipal water, resulting in lower water bills for the facility. Both areas increase site aesthetics as the garden provides a pleasant entryway and sitting area for visitors while the roof provides a relaxing view for those in the adjoining wing.

The Labs21 2011 Annual Conference tour of the EPA Atlantic Ecology Division (AED) Laboratory, located in Narragansett, Rhode Island, also showcased sustainable stormwater management in action. EPA completed a 3,000-square-foot green roof in 2009, which captures rainwater, filters pollutants, and reduces the volume of stormwater runoff. In 2011, the facility augmented the green roof by adding a 1,200-gallon cistern, which captures excess rainwater through drains in the green roof, allowing the facility to reuse this rainwater for irrigation during dry periods.

These facilities are just two examples of how low-impact development can help improve water quality and site aesthetics while reducing runoff volumes. Consider applying similar low impact development stormwater management practices in your next laboratory project!

News You Can Use

Cut Energy Costs with the Newly Updated EnergyPlus Tool

Architects and engineers have just been equipped with an updated cost and energy savings tool provided by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: EnergyPlus v7.0. This tool calculates the energy used for heating, cooling, ventilating, and lighting in residential and commercial buildings, including high-tech facilities, to aid in the design of more efficient buildings. The wide-ranging parameter updates include various HVAC system types, windows and daylighting data, zone and surface models, and new mechanical ventilation controls based on ASHRAE Standard 62.1.

Autodesk Inc., who presented at the Labs21 2010 and 2011 Annual Conferences, provided DOE with a speed enhancement coding donation, helping EnergyPlus v7.0 to become 25 to 40 percent faster than EnergyPlus v6.0.

Use EnergyPlus v7.0 for your next new building or retrofit project to gain a better understanding of your energy savings potential.

Promote Your Sustainable Facility Videos on I2SL's Website

Has your company produced a video on sustainable laboratory techniques or design mechanisms? I2SL would love to see it! We're compiling two- to three-minute videos (or links to videos already online) on sustainable, high-tech facilities to share with the I2SL Community. Contact I2SL to submit your video. Be sure to include a brief description of the video's featured facility, including the building's size and any notable sustainable features. We will post approved videos on I2SL's website.

New Tool Helps Hospitals Better Manage Energy Efficiency

How efficient are our nation's healthcare facilities? Let's just say there's room for improvement. Energy intensive healthcare organizations spend $7.4 billion on energy costs each year. This figure may be significantly improved through the use of EPA's ENERGY STAR® Healthcare Energy Savings Financial Analysis Calculators.

This tool helps healthcare facility planners calculate the cumulative energy savings that can be expected through energy efficiency implementations, thus helping them make the case for efficiency to decisionmakers. Discover how ENERGY STAR can help you improve the efficiency of your healthcare facility.

Upcoming Industry Events

ASHRAE 2012 Winter Conference
Chicago, Illinois
January 21–25, 2012
Sponsored by: ASHRAE

12th U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention International Symposium on Biosafety—Sustainability: People, Practices, Planet
Atlanta, Georgia
February 11–15, 2012
Sponsored by: U.S. Centers for Disease Control

The Lean Facility Lifecycle 2012 Conference
St. Petersburg, Florida
March 19–20, 2012
Sponsored by: Tradeline, Inc.

U.S. Department of Defense Environmental Monitoring and Data Quality Workshop
San Diego, California
March 26–29, 2012
Sponsored by: U.S. Department of Defense

IFMA Facility Fusion Conference & Expo
Chicago, Illinois
April 11–13, 2012
Sponsored by: International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

The 2012 International Conference on Research Facilities
Scottsdale, Arizona
April 23–24, 2012
Sponsored by: Tradeline, Inc.

Frankfurt, Germany
June 18–22, 2012
Sponsored by: ACHEMA

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