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Issue 28 – February 2013

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Building on the efforts of the Laboratories for the 21st Century (Labs21®) Program, I2SL is working hard in 2013 to continue advancing the knowledge and resources available to the laboratory and high-technology facility industry. As a member of this industry, you play a significant role in this endeavor. I invite you to get involved with I2SL's efforts, whether you would like to submit an article to our E-Library; join the Global Community and promote your organization alongside our newest Providers, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems and STERIS Life Sciences; participate in and/or lead one of I2SL's numerous training opportunities throughout the year; speak at the upcoming 2013 I2SL Annual Conference (formerly the Labs21 Annual Conference); or help develop industry-relevant tools and resources. Read on to learn more about these activities and how you can participate.

I look forward to working with many of you to make 2013 a great year for the sustainable, high-tech building industry.

Phil Wirdzek


Phil Wirdzek
President and Executive Director

News You Can Use

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Publish New ANSI/AIHA® Z9.5-2012 Laboratory Ventilation Standard

The ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 Laboratory Ventilation Standard has been a staple of the laboratory community for a decade. Recently, AIHA published an update to this standard: ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2012. According to Gordon Sharp, President of Aircuity, Inc. and Executive Vice President of I2SL, the change in the fume hood minimum airflow recommendations is one of the more substantive changes relating to laboratory sustainability featured in the new standard. Visit the AIHA website for more information or to purchase a copy of the standard.

Recently Published Reports and Case Studies

Check out these recently published articles, which highlight a variety of topics relevant to laboratory and high-tech facility professionals:

  • Engineer's Guide to Sub-metering in New and Retrofit Applications
    This white paper, announced in the November 2012 E-Mon eNewsletter, presents an overview of sub-metering for sustainable facilities with a focus on how engineers can deploy metering solutions to help relieve bottom-line pressure in both new and upgrade applications. (Note: You will be asked to provide contact information prior to downloading the report.)

  • Purdue Research Heats Up, But The Data Center Gets Cooler
    Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, needed to expand the computing capacity of its Rosen Center for Advanced Computing. However, the existing facility could not handle the increased cooling requirements, and the university lacked the budget to construct a new data center. Published in the January 2013 issue of Mission Critical Magazine, this case study highlights the innovative efforts by the university to reach its desired computing capacity simply by upgrading its existing equipment and infrastructure.

High-Tech Tools

The Labs21 Tool Kit offers a wide selection of tools and resources to support the design, construction, and operation of laboratories and high-tech facilities, from a comprehensive design guide to the Energy-Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki. For additional useful tools, check out this one developed by and made available through DOE:

  • New Data Center Energy Efficiency Measurement Assessment Kit Guide and Specification
    Monitoring is an essential component of maintaining data center energy efficiency; however, these assessments can sometimes be both time and cost-intensive. This guide, published by FEMP in October 2012, introduces a data center assessment kit that can be used to speed up and reduce the costs of a data center energy use assessment and overcome potential shutdown issues.

Around the Industry

I2SL and FEMP to Form New Partnership

I2SL and DOE's FEMP are finalizing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU establishes a formal relationship between the parties that will address common interests and challenges for the laboratory and other high-tech building sectors. Kicking off the partnership, I2SL and FEMP will collaborate on facilitating strategies that expand energy service company (ESCO)- and utility-financed energy efficiency projects in both federal and privately owned high-tech facilities. One such effort is a call for case studies on third-party financing, which you can read more about below. I2SL looks forward to working with FEMP and will keep you posted on these efforts as they develop.

I2SL Attends Gereau Center Awards Ceremony, Presents 2012 Go Beyond Award

Award Presentation at The Gereau Center

Phil Wirdzek (left) presents a 2012 Go Beyond Award to Dr. Kevin Bezy, principal of The Gereau Center.

In November 2012, I2SL President and Executive Director Phil Wirdzek traveled to Rocky Mount, Virginia, to attend an awards ceremony at The Leonard A. Gereau Center for Applied and Career Exploration. There, Mr. Wirdzek presented the center with its 2012 Go Beyond Organizational and New Construction Project awards for its innovative and sustainable Center for Energy Efficient Design (CEED).

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and DOE launched the Labs21 Program in 1999, the agencies invited a group of volunteer laboratory owners to enhance their facilities' environmental performance using the design and engineering strategies identified through Labs21. One of the early adopters of this Labs21 Pilot Partner Program was The Gereau Center.

Now, nearly two decades later, The Gereau Center has truly "gone beyond" the original goals of Labs21, particularly with CEED. This net-zero energy, LEED Platinum laboratory allows students to observe energy engineering firsthand and to design and execute their own energy-related experiments. The center is neither a typical school nor a high-tech research laboratory; it is a high-tech "living laboratory" where students are educated by the facility itself.

Learn more about The Gereau Center by reading A School Beyond the Box (article found on page 24), which was published in the February issue of Lab Design Newsletter.

Working Group Activities Heat Up, Take Off

Energized by meetings that took place at the Labs21 2012 Annual Conference, the I2SL Working Groups have been running full steam ahead on a variety of projects. Here are just a few highlights of their recent activities.

  • High-Technology Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Certification Working Group
    This Working Group met on January 25, 2013, to further discuss a survey it is developing to gather information about the need for high-tech facility technician training and certification. The Working Group plans to finalize and broadly release the survey in the coming weeks. Laney College, which co-chairs the Working Group, was successful in receiving a National Science Foundation "Centers" grant for its HVAC training program. The college is looking to use this grant to expand its O&M training for high-tech facilities.
  • Laboratory Continuous Performance Improvement System Working Group
    As a follow up to their meeting at the Labs21 2012 Annual Conference, nearly two dozen members of this newly formed I2SL Working Group held calls in January and February to discuss next steps for developing a continuous performance improvement system. Three sub-committees are now working to address metering, behavior, existing standards and guidance, and how to integrate these items in the system. The Working Group is being led by Mike Austin of the University of Minnesota.
  • Laboratory Facility Management Through Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    In January 2013, Igor Starkov and Terence Alcorn presented the results of the BIM for Facility Management survey during an I2SL High-Tech Talk Webinar. The survey, which was launched last year by I2SL, in partnership with the National Institute for Building Sciences (NIBS), the buildingSMART alliance (bSa), and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), collected information on the interest for and knowledge of how BIM is impacting the work of facility managers and O&M professionals today, and where BIM may lead the industry tomorrow. A recording of this webinar is available for viewing on I2SL's website (fees may apply).

Your commitment to and participation in these Working Group activities is important for both the industry and I2SL's continued success. I2SL encourages you to get involved as we continue to develop useful products for this community. All Working Group participants are expected to become I2SL Members. Become a Member today and then email I2SL to let us know of your interest to participate in one or more of these proactive groups.


I2SL's E-Library features dozens of extended abstracts and resources on sustainable high-technology facilities, available for free on I2SL's website. Here are some recent additions:

Smart Laboratories Cut Energy Consumption More Than Half: Better Buildings Challenge Demonstration Project (470 KB, 10 pp) (2013)
Wendell C. Brase, University of California, Irvine

Read about how the University of California, Irvine's, Smart Labs Project increased the energy efficiency of the campus' laboratories by more than 50 percent and reduced its carbon footprint without compromising occupant safety, simply by developing smarter laboratories.

Ottawa Heart Institute Finds Dramatic Energy Savings in a Duct Sealing Technology to Stop Cross-Building Contamination (2012)
Michelle Emond, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Robert Seals, Aeroseal LLC

Learn how a project team at the Ottawa Heart Institute used an innovative new duct sealing technology to reduce the risk of airborne contamination and lower the building's air loss from 800 cubic feet per minute (cfm) to just 10 cfm without construction or interruption of the facility's daily operations.

The Effective Laboratory: Safe, Successful and Sustainable: Results of the 2012 S-Lab Awards and Conference (2012)

This new report, published by the S-Lab initiative, identifies best practice and strategic developments in laboratory design, management, and operation. The publication summarizes and draws lessons from presentations and discussions at the 2012 Effective Laboratory conference, and contains case studies of the 28 shortlisted entries for the 2012 S-Lab Awards.

Four Best Practices Case Studies in Facility Management and Operations (2013)
The Building Intelligence Group, in partnership with Laney College

Learn more about the facility O&M best practices in place at four prominent high-tech facilities: the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC; the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington; the Adobe Systems Headquarters in San Jose, California; and the eBay Data Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The case studies highlight state-of-the-art technologies, as well as best practices in proactive policies, procedures, and maintenance; communications; planning; and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

If you have a paper, case study, presentation, or useful information that you would like to share with the sustainable laboratory community through I2SL's E-Library, I2SL would like to hear from you! Simply email your submission suggestion to I2SL.

Industry Innovations

Laboratory sustainability isn't limited to building energy efficiency and design. Consider other ways your facility can reduce its environmental impact, like using recyclable cages in your vivarium. Using recyclable cages dramatically reduced the capital expenditure required to build Stanford University's Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building, saving more than $4 million by eliminating high throughput washroom equipment and the infrastructure for washroom HVAC. These savings will continue through the reduction in labor and utilities, which are significant in a recyclable caging operation. Additional savings come from reduced management time, reduced detergents, and other supply costs that are incurred to manage and operate a cage wash. Read Case Study: The Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building at Stanford University to learn more.

Disposable and Traditional Caging Facilities

Photo courtesy of Innovive Inc.

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Call for Case Studies on Third-Party Financing

Have you been involved in a project that successfully used third-party financing, such as an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) or utility energy service contract (UESC), to fund an energy-saving project in a laboratory or high-tech facility? If so, I2SL wants to hear from you! What were the project objectives, and how were you able to meet those objectives using an ESPC or UESC? What are the actual cost and energy savings from the project?

Due to a growing interest in this area, especially from the federal government, I2SL hopes to compile a collection of relevant case studies for publishing in its E-Library and highlighting in the Sustainable Laboratory Times newsletter. I2SL is especially interested in case studies that include input from or are co-authored by the facility owner. In addition, I2SL is planning a special meeting with ESCOs and utilities at the 2013 I2SL Annual Conference to explore ways to increase third-party financing for laboratories.

Email your case study to I2SL or, if you are interested in presenting your project at the 2013 I2SL Annual Conference, submit an abstract to the Call for Presenters.

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