Smart Labs™ O&M Training Program

Researchers and others working in the laboratory environment rely on the proper operation of laboratory ventilation systems to protect them from exposure to potentially hazardous materials. The increasing complexity of the ventilation systems supporting laboratory environments requires an understanding of the system components and controls, their operation, and methods for testing to validate performance and safety.

This comprehensive course, comprised of two 8-hour sessions, is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the operation, maintenance, and management of critical environment HVAC systems. Day 1 is focused on the fundamentals of laboratory ventilation systems and their design, components, and relevancy for providing safe environments in lab facilities. Day 2 is a concentrated look at how the system components function and methods for testing performance, diagnosing problems, and maintaining safe, efficient, and sustainable laboratory operation.

Note: Attendees do not have to attend both days. Some may choose to only attend Day 1, but in order to attend Day 2, you must have completed Day 1.

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