I2SL's High-Tech Talks Webinar Series

I2SL's High-Tech Talks are monthly webinar offerings intended to educate, connect, and diversify the sustainable laboratory and high-performance facility community. Webinars encourage interaction among the presenter and the audience by allowing you to ask questions of the experts and/or share your own expertise with an interested audience.

When will the webinars take place?

Webinars take place on the third Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

How long is each webinar?

Webinars are generally scheduled to run for one hour.

What do webinars offer attendees?

Attendees are given the exclusive opportunity to discover new tools, innovations, and technologies being utilized in the high-tech facility community. Attendees may be eligible for continuing education credits through the American Institute of Architects, Green Building Certification Institute, or other professional organizations.

How do I participate and how much does it cost?

You may register online for either the live session of a webinar, or view the recording after the webinar takes place. Once you are registered, I2SL will provide you with instructions on how to participate.

The cost is $95 per attendee to participate in a live webinar, or $65 to view a recorded webinar.

Interested in presenting?

Being a presenter allows you to speak virtually yet directly with an interested audience about your project ideas, a case study you've conducted, or a new cost-saving tool you've developed. To apply to present, please submit an abstract of 250 or fewer words, plus four learning objectives, to I2SL. For
more information on learning objectives, and to apply to present, please contact I2SL at info@i2sl.org or 703.841.5484.

I2SL will review your submission and contact you within three weeks to let you know whether you have been selected to present. We will coordinate
with selected presenters to set a date and time for presentations to take place. Presentations should have no more than two presenters, feature
PowerPoint slides, last approximately 45 minutes in length, and leave room for audience questions.

To ensure that continuing education credits are available to all participants, we ask that your presentation not be a sales pitch and that your company logo be included only on the presentation's first and last slides.

Learn more

To discuss potential webinar topics or express your interest in presenting, contact I2SL at info@i2sl.org or 703.841.5484.


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