2 deg 206sf; UCD Haring 1227A

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Installed Cold Room, pre-1980
Product Type: Cool Room
Voltage: 208
Temperature Range: 2 deg
Other features and options:
  • Temperature control method: ±.5 °C, analog
  • 2 # Evaporator Fans: 1 @ 2.5 Amps each

Legend - Data Sources

Test tube red.jpg - information from a manufacturer
Test tube green.jpg - information from an end-user


Energy Efficiency Information

Energy Use and Power

Power Mode Definition (temperature, power setting, light features, etc.) Power Draw VA or W Can user set mode? Hours per week (typical)* kWh per week (typical)*
Rated capacity Nameplate power rating N/A N/A N/A
Energy Intensive mode Power draw under highest setting/energy use
Lower power mode 1 Compressor powerdraw 1121 VA Test tube green.jpg
Lower power mode 2 Evaporator powerdraw 291 VA Test tube green.jpg
Stand-by level Power draw when turned off but connected to power

* Typical hours per week and kWh per week are provided for comparison basis only, laboratory values may vary significantly.

Efficiency Features

  • N/A

Other Sustainability Features

  • N/A

User Comments

* Suggested categories for commentary include: reliability, repair ease, whether or not components are easily replaceable, cost, and overall quality of design.

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