Alison Farmer

Photo: Alison FarmerAlison Farmer is a former research astrophysicist who is dedicated to saving our home planet by bringing energy efficiency to laboratory buildings. Ms. Farmer is a director at kW Engineering, where she focuses on energy analysis and on design and commissioning of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control systems.

In addition to serving as Secretary on the I2SL Board of Directors, Ms. Farmer has chaired I2SLís Laboratory Benchmarking Working Group since its inception in 2014. She also serves as Vice President of I2SLís Northern California Chapter, and she was a 2018 recipient of the I2SL Go Beyond Award.

Ms. Farmer earned her bachelorís and masterís degrees in physics from the University of Cambridge in England and a PhD in astrophysics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).