I2SL Testimonials

Read what others are saying about I2SL's services and expertise.

  • "I whole heartedly believe that I2SL has significantly pushed the state of the art in high tech building design through a forum that encourages sharing and professionalism among peers."
  • "Thanks to I2SL's effort, we are one step closer toward greener laboratories in Singapore and one step closer toward green leases for laboratories."
  • "The webinar was extremely informative. There was a large amount of well-organized information presented in a short period of time. I look forward to attending similar webinars regarding laboratories, clinics, and energy efficiency strategies."
  • "It's has been great working with the I2SL team that came to Singapore.Hope there are opportunities to work together again in the future."
  • "We received good feedback from the participants with many saying they have gained new knowledge and lessons from the workshop. They liked the case studies and enjoyed the discussions in tackling actual situations on the ground. We believe the workshop will help to deepen our local industries' understanding of energy efficiency issues and enable them to identify areas for energy improvements for the labs and clean room facilities."
  • "I just wanted to take a quick second and express my gratitude for the help you provided me. I am very grateful for you taking the time to post the information and resources you did."


Annual Conference Testimonials

Read what attendees of the annual conference have to say about their experience at the conference. Chose from one of the following topics to find out what participants liked best about the event.

General Comments

  • "This is like 48 hours of Christmas morning!" (2016)
  • "There were so many amazing things about the conference—from the sessions to the networking opportunities to the I2SL Conference App. It was all so wonderful!" (2016)
  • "While I've been to many professional conferences, I have never been to a conference like I2SL before. I've never been to a conference where literally every single session block had a talk relevant to my program and of great interest to me." (2016)
  • "Wow, these keep getting better. More owner reps and academia is getting stronger. Very good networking too. Excellent sessions, especially on specific issues like plug loads, benchmarking and metering to name only a few." (2015)
  • "I'm a first-time attendee, and I can't say enough good things about the conference. I really appreciate the experience and feel that what I learned will be valuable in my upcoming projects." (2015)
  • "I always attend! This is a great networking and learning event." (2015)
  • "Overall, I thought this was a wonderful conference. Great ideas, great attitudes, great emphasis on education and innovation." (2014)
  • "This is a group of people who are truly dedicated to driving sustainable practices in the laboratory—the movers and the shakers in the
    industry[. T]his is where the action is!"(2014)
  • "The conference was very well organized and provided some very helpful information.  I am very encouraged and inspired to promote sustainable lab designs in more and more projects."(2014)
  • "This was my first conference and it was very helpful to learn of the breadth and depth of research that has been done for all aspects of high-performance laboratories. The opportunity to network with this community was also very valuable." (2012)
  • "Well worth the money." (2012)
  • "Absolutely love this conference. There are so many ideas to grab from this conference (from the talks, to the casual conversations, to the morning roundtable discussions). It feels like everyone's opinion counts and is heard...like we all need each other's ideas to have everything come together so we can all have a working model to use, but one that can be modified to meet the need of our individual campus." (2012)
  • "It was a good, well-organized and -run event. Great work! Thank you." (2012)
  • "I thought it was a great program. Very nice job." (2011)
  • "The poster sessions were very well done." (2011)

  • "This is one of the most important annual conferences we attend. The university has imposed travel restrictions, and this is the one meeting we fought to attend." (2010)
  • "An inspirational experience. These are the good guys fighting the good fight (even if some are my competitors!)." (2010)
  • "I thought this was the best one that I have been to and probably the most valuable conference this year for me. I heard a lot of other people saying the same thing. Very timely and relevant information." (2010)
  • "Very useful and well-organized." (2010)
  • "Excellent event with a time-sensitive mission!" (2010)
  • "Loved the location, enjoyed the conference, and was pleased with the optional local tours that were offered." (2010)
  • "Excellent venue, mission, and purpose." (2010)
  • "This is a great conference, well organized, and very informative. I have been attending six years and learn something new each year I attend." (2009)
  • "The Labs21 [Conference] this year was in my opinion the best ever. The world of best practice for high-performance, energy-efficient laboratories has come such a long way since you started this movement. Well done!" (2009)
  • "This is my first Labs21 conference, and I really liked it.” (2008)
  • "This was a very good conference. I've attended twice in the past, and you're right about it getting better and better." (2008)
  • "Always excellent. I continue to learn every time I go." (2008)
  • "Congrats for the all time best Labs21 Conference!" (2008)

Technology and Services Fair

  • "Participation in the Technology and Services Fair was great, both in terms of the number of exhibitors (sold-out exhibit hall) and the number of attendees visiting the booths." (2011)
  • "The Technology Demonstrations provided attendees with a great learning opportunity." (2011)
  • "Good cross section of suppliers." (2010)
  • "Very good to have vendors [available] in such an interactive way." (2010)
  • "This is a good show for us and [the] people attending are serious customers." (2010)
  • "This was a good venue to introduce [a] new product offering." (2010)
  • "The Technology and Services Fair demonstrations were very relevant and well attended." (2010)
  • "[The Technology and Services Fair was] very well laid out with great vendors." (2009)
  • "[The Technology and Services Fair was a] great forum and opportunity to eat lunch and interact with the equipment vendors." (2009)

Technical Sessions

  • "The good content drives my clients to attend, which makes it a great conference for business development." (2015)
  • "It's so inspiring to be here.  I'm so impressed with the density of technical content, the creativity of solutions presented—to some pretty complex problem statements—but most of all, the passion of the speakers." (2014)
  • "Very interesting topics. I have used my increased knowledge on two projects currently in planning." (2012)
  • "This conference provided an excellent learning opportunity and opportunity to share experiences with fellow mechanical engineering design professionals. Thanks." (2012)
  • "The symposia were all very valuable, focusing on specific ideas and issues within the laboratory community." (2011)
  • "Technical information provided was very good." (2011)
  • "Interesting, with topics relevant to current challenges." (2010)
  • "I got a lot out of co-leading one [session] and leading another...I gained valuable ideas." (2010)
  • "Well-prepared and knowledgeable speakers with good graphic presentations." (2010)
  • "The best presentation on sustainable science I have witnessed." (2010)
  • "[Dr. Jonathan Trent was an] incredible speaker, very interesting, and at the hub of why we are working on reducing energy demands." (2010)
  • "It really opened my eyes to appreciate the effort being made to improve laboratory and world environments. A lot of great presentations with inspiring challenges." (2009)
  • "There were a number of very interesting topics regarding sustainable laboratory design, and that is why this continues to be a very worthwhile and beneficial conference to attend." (2008)
  • "As a mechanical engineer, I enjoyed [the Labs21 Conference] more than similar conferences...The sessions were more technical." (2008)
  • "The conference was a very interesting and instructional experience." (2008)

Tours and Receptions

  • "The Venter tour was really eye-opening. It was amazing to have the ability to learn about the project from the team and then to have a beautiful tour directly afterwards. It really was the highlight for me of the whole week." (2015)
  • "The laboratory tour to the University of California, Santa Cruz, was excellent." (2012)
  • "Great tour last night at the Stanford Lokey Stem Cell Research Building." (2012)
  • "All of this year's tours were well organized, with outstanding tour guides and valuable information." (2011)
  • "The tours were outstanding." (2011)
  • "I thought the evening [reception in the exhibit hall] on Tuesday was especially good." (2010)

  • "Enjoyed the opportunity to see such a unique facility [the Sandia National Laboratories Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Application (MESA) Complex]." (2010)
  • "Very nice food and drink [during the Tuesday Evening Reception], nice to have the time to mingle." (2010)

  • "The [tour of the New Mexico Scientific Laboratories] was an excellent insight, especially the animal necropsy and autopsy spaces. It's not often we get to see those spaces." (2010)

  • "I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to tour [the New Mexico Scientific Laboratories]." (2010)

  • "[The Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory tour] was one of the best tours I have ever been on, and we had the best of all worlds – [our tour guide] was very knowledgeable with regard to the mechanical systems, the architect was there to answer design questions, and, best of all, the actual users for the various disciplines were there to describe what they do and how the building will help them do it. Well done!" (2008)


  • "I really like the scale of the conference. It allows you to meet everyone and is more relaxed atmosphere." (2015)
  • "What I like most about I2SL are the conversations that occur in the corridors, after a presentation.  Boundaries are constantly being pushed and the “healthy tension” that questions/tests a particular initiative is what makes an idea strong." (2014)
  • "[The] networking opportunities were great!" (2012)
  • "I get so much out of this conference. It also is the best conference for those of us who are interested in conservation at the occupant level to meet up at and network." (2012)
  • "[The most useful, helpful, or interesting part of the conference was the] dialog with a vast array of highly experienced laboratory experts." (2012)
  • "The conference provided great opportunities for discussion and networking." (2011)
  • "The Charity Golf Tournament provided a great opportunity for attendees to gather and network prior to the conference, and also give back to the local community." (2011)
  • "I gained valuable service, design, and technology contacts." (2010)
  • "[The] networking is irreplaceable and so valuable." (2010)
  • "[It is] always good to meet with new people involved in the business of laboratory design, from any aspect." (2009)
  • "Thank you for introducing me to several interesting (and nice) people – the networking aspect of the conference worked very well for me." (2008)

Planning Committee

  • "Thank you and the whole team who worked so hard to put together a fabulous and very informative I2SL conference this year. It was a pleasure to attend." (2014)
  • "Thank you for a wonderful conference, great information, wonderful people, and the assistants in the green shirts were VERY helpful." (2012)
  • "The conference staff did a great job of organizing the show and making sure everything ran well on site. They were extremely helpful and responsive to attendee questions." (2011)
  • What was the most useful, helpful, or interesting part of the conference?: "Your staff who provided help through the conference." (2011)
  • "To all the organizers: well done!" (2011)
  • "Organization was great. Your folks know what they are doing and find the answers for attendees. Kudos to the staff." (2010)
  • "Conference staff was very helpful and accessible beforehand. Real names, e-mails, and contact info made it helpful to plan out the week." (2010)
  • "Please express my gratitude towards your team members, who were very helpful all along and provided an atmosphere of great hospitality." (2008)

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