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Cambridge, Massachusetts
September 8-10, 1999

The conference was tailored to designers, engineers, owners, and operators of laboratory buildings. All conference sessions took place on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

During the 3-day conference, panel discussions included case studies demonstrating ways in which new and proven strategies or technologies are being implemented successfully. Breakout sessions following the presentations provided opportunities to explore specific issues in greater detail. The agenda below details the topics and discussions that took place throughout the conference.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM

Morning Plenary

Federal Policy Perspective:

    Overview of Labs21 Initiative
    Romulo L. Diaz Jr., Assistant Administrator, Office of Administration and Resources Management, EPA

    Labs21 Policy Objectives
    Shelly Fiddler, White House Climate Change Task Force

Practitioner's Perspective:

    Public Sector Case Study
    Dale Sartor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

    University Case Study
    Terry Collins, Carnegie Mellon University

    Private Sector Case Study
    Doug Smith, United Technologies Research Center

Getting from Here to There:

    Implementing a Labs21 Approach
    Don Prowler, FAIA

A Charge to All Participants:

    Romulo L. Diaz Jr., EPA

10:15 AM


10:30 AM

A Design Guide for Energy Efficient Laboratories
Geoffrey Bell, PE

12:00 PM

Break for Lunch (on own)

1:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions (Gutman Conference Center)

Note: Each speaker is allotted 15 minutes presentation time. The remaining time will be devoted to question and answer and discussion.

Session A-1

New Laboratory Design 1
Moderator: Nancy Carlisle, NREL

How Green is My Laboratory? - Case Studies of Three
Ambitious Sustainable Lab Environments

Janet Baum, Health, Education & Research Associates, Inc.

Design and Construction of "PETL," an Innovative Materials Research Laboratory
Gerald Savage, Sandia National Laboratories

Energy-Efficient Laboratories: Realizing Performance Benefits
Jeremy Deall, E-Cube, Inc.

Session A-2

Profiling Laboratory Energy Use
Moderator: Dale Sartor, LBNL

Benchmarking Energy Consumption in Laboratories
Clifford Federspiel, University of California, Berkeley

Benchmarking Energy Use and Electric Peak Demand at Sandia National Laboratory
Ralph Wrons, P.E., CEM, Sandia National Laboratories

Achieving Energy Efficient Laboratory Buildings
Steve Tassini, Phoenix Controls Corporation

Proper Application and Calculation of Energy Use and System Sizing Using Diversity Factors
John Martin, Earl Walls Associates

3:00 PM


3:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions Continue

Session B-1

HVAC Solutions I
Moderator: Geoffrey C. Bell

Scientific Laboratory Airflow Design: Increasing Standards for the 21st Century
Farhad Memarzadeh, National Institutes of Health

Commissioning Laboratory Fume Hoods Using the ASHRAE 110-1995 Method
Dale Hitchings, P.E., CIH, Hitchings Associates, PC

Laboratory Ventilation: Energy Control Strategies
Louis DiBerardinis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anand Seth, Massachusetts General Hospital

The Biotechnology Clinical Production Laboratory for the 21st Century
Stephen Fitzpatrick, BioMetics, Inc.

Session B-2

Financing and Economics I
Moderator: Phil Wirdzek

Selling Non-Energy Benefits
Ken Kornberg, Kornberg Associates

Construction Cost and Operating Cost Implications of Laboratory Flexibility
Mark Maguire, P.E., Ballinger

Financing Resource Conservation Investments at Non-Profit Institutions
Carter Wall, Harvard University
Joseph Travaglini, Massachusetts Health & Educational Facilities Authority

Energy Economics in Laboratories: From Basics to Benchmarks
J. Patrick Carpenter, Kling Lindquist

5:00 PM


Thursday, September 9, 1999

Morning Plenary Session

8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Introduction to the Second Day Content
Phil Wirdzek, EPA

Case Studies

8:40 AM

The Louis Stokes Laboratories (Building 50) at NIH
Frank Kutlak, National Institutes of Health

9:20 AM

EPA Ann Arbor National Vehicle Fuel Emissions Lab
Tim Kehrli, TLK Consulting

10:00 AM


10:20 AM

Montana State University Laboratory
Kathy Achelpohl, AIA and Kath Williams, Montana State University

11:00 AM

LBNL Laboratory Energy Retrofit Program
Dale Sartor, P.E., LBNL

11:30 AM

Panel Discussion
Moderator leads panel discussion with all four case study presenters.

12:00 NOON

Break for Lunch (on own)

1:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions

Session C-1

Retrofitting Labs
Moderator: Otto Van Geet

Energy Retrofits at Four U.S. EPA Laboratories
Mark Arney, Architectural Energy Corporation

Guidelines for Developing an Indoor Air Quality Retrofit Master Plan
Mani Palani, University of Texas, Houston
Jack Esmond, P.E., E&C Engineers & Consultants, Inc.

The Green Chemistry Laboratory for Sustainable Development
Cheryl Keown, The Design Partnership of Cambridge, Inc.
Robert Leber, Cosentini Associates, Inc.

Session C-2

New Laboratory Design II
Moderator: Nancy Carlisle

EPA Environmental Science Center
Stephanie James, EPA
John Neilson, Kling Lindquist

"Big Green": EPA at RTP
Chris Long, EPA and John Taylor, Gilbane

Camel or Zebra? Hybrid Lab Design for Tomorrow's Tenants
Scott Simpson, FAIA, Chris Leary, AIA, and
Thomas Grimble, The Stubbins Associates

3:00 PM


3:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions Continue

Session D-1

HVAC Solutions II
Moderator: Geoffrey C. Bell

Constant Volume and Variable Air Volume Air Distribution Systems and Fume Hoods
Frank Kutlak, National Institutes of Health

Designing a More Energy Efficient and Safer Fume Hood
R.H. Morris, Configuration Management Consultants

Searching for the Green Laboratory Building Exhaust
Victor Neuman, Strobic Air Corporation

Developing a Low-Flow Fume Hood
Geoffrey C. Bell, P.E., LBNL

Session D-2

Using Renewable Energy
Moderator: Nancy Carlisle

Retrofitting EPA Robert Kerr Environmental Research Laboratory
Tom Russell, Johnson Controls

Renewables at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Otto Van Geet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Cogeneration and Photovoltaics at GSA Region #1
Roman Piaskoski, Public Building Service New England

5:00 PM


Friday, September 10, 1999

8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Morning Parallel Sessions

Session E-1

Emerging Laboratory Design Concepts
Moderator: Donald Prowler, FAIA

R&D on Energy Efficiency in Buildings for High Tech Industries
Dale Sartor, P.E., LBNL

CMU Center for Building Performance
Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University

Combine Heat and Power for Labs
Mark Hall, Trigen

Session E-2

Financing & Economics II
Moderator: Phil Wirdzek

Economic Opportunities with Performance Contracting
Michael Holda, LBNL

Interstitial Research Laboratories: Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Cost Justification
Alexander Wing, AIA, Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates

Project Financing: The Mathematics vs. the Arithmetic
Tim Kehrli, TLK Consulting

10:00 AM


10:15 AM

Summary Panel: "Labs for the 21st Century-Setting Guidelines"
Moderator: Phil Wirdzek

12:00 NOON

Break for Lunch (on own)

1:30 PM

"Roll Up Your Sleeves-Lab Plan Critique and Discussion"
Conference attendees bring thier design plans for an informal critique and review by leading design experts and other attendees.

3:00 PM



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