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Pilot Wastewater Reuse Plant Sets a Standard for Improving Water Efficiency in New Wafer Fabrication Facilities

Ajay Shah, ON Semiconductor


Water efficiency in many industrial operations has become a necessity. The rising usage and cost of sewer and water tend to contribute a significant portion of the total utility cost. Many semiconductor manufacturing operations, power plants and other water intense industrial units are trying to improve their financial bottom line by conserving this natural resource through wastewater reuse and/or recycle programs. This presentation details one such effort in a pilot project. The pilot plant selectively captured minimally contaminated waste streams, requiring very limited treatment and control, for reuse in its manufacturing operations.

Wastewater characterizations is one of the critical parts of any reliable and successful reuse or recycle program. This presentation reviews the concept and the results of the wastewater characterization study. It examines the point of wastewater origin to categorize the type and amount of process chemicals used. It identifies the parameters of concern and achieves a representative composition of the influent stream. The results of the study lead to the implementation of a pilot wastewater reuse system involving segregation, capture and reuse of the sparingly contaminated waste streams. This presentation shows the analytical results of this pilot reuse system, its immediate return-on-investment (ROI), and how it became a technical standard for all future new construction projects.


Ajay R. Shah is a Senior Principal Staff Engineer in the corporate Environmental, Health and Safety organization of ON Semiconductor, based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is responsible for EHS Technical, Engineering support and Project Management for ON Semiconductor. He earned an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from India and a Master's degree in Instrumental Sciences from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been in the various engineering, supervisory and managerial roles in the EHS, water and wastewater arenas in the electronics industry for past 19 years.

His effort in water conservation was rewarded with a the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's Water Conservation award in recognition of the company's successful implementation of the pilot wastewater reuse system in January 2000.

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