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Top 10 Energy Conservation Opportunities: Reduced Flow Hoods to Fuel Cells

Joseph Limpert, P.E., Affiliated Engineers SE, Inc.


Joseph Limpert, P.E. and principal at Affiliated Engineers SE, Inc. in Gainesville, FL, uses his extensive experience in the engineering design of mechanical systems for institutional and corporate research facilities in presenting the top energy-conserving opportunities for research laboratories.

During this session Limpert will present methods to implement with a current system, additions to a current system, services for analysis, and new technology for improved efficiency. Presentation will address important issues and specific examples for each alternative, implementation steps, present design and testing requirements along with projected changes, and current and future trends for the industry.


Joseph A. Limpert, P.E. has been employed by Affiliated Engineers, Inc. for 14 years and has become a Managing Principal and Market Leader for the Research and Development group in our Gainesville, Florida office. He was responsible for over a quarter of a billion dollars in R&D construction projects during the year of 2000. With over 15 years experience in mechanical design and building construction, Mr. Limpert has a well-rounded knowledge of the challenges multi-discipline integration affords in performing a complete building design. Mr. Limpert graduated from University of Florida in 1985 with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has been a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer since 1992. Joe is an active member of the American Societies of Mechanical Engineers, Pharmaceutical Engineers, and Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers.

Joe has developed the special capability of programming and planning the mechanical and electrical systems for research facilities and translating the program requirements into system designs. Joe is currently designing laboratories for NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center, University of Florida, University of South Florida, and Florida State University. He is remarkable in designing specialized designs to improve system control, flexibility, and economy. Mr. Limpert has lectured at several recent seminars addressing sophisticated laboratory facility design.

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