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Sessions & Reception at EPA's
Research Triangle Park Laboratory

October 8, 2002

As part of the Labs21 2002 Annual Conference, attendees visited one of the federal government's premier research facilities, EPA's new 1.2 million square foot campus in Research Triangle Park. Participants toured selected areas of the campus, and attended dynamic, hands-on sessions that explored related topics in more detail.

Each session featured a presentation from a member of the professional staff at RTP and additional presentations from outside speakers.

Labs21 also hosted an evening reception and dinner at RTP immediately following the sessions.

Sessions included:

  • Campus Planning & Integration
    Participants examined the full scope of the RTP campus and how each building was integrated into the site environment. The session covered campus planning issues including parking, building placement, construction management, recycling, and transportation.

  • Central Utility Plant
    Participants visited RTP's central utility plant and discussed how other central utility services such as heating, cooling, waste management, and incineration are made available in a large campus shared by two different federal research facilities.

  • Lab Modules and High-Bay Research Facilities
    While visiting one of EPA's lab modules, participants discussed laboratory airflow control strategies and options for new energy conserving fume hoods in an academic setting. Participants also examined how EPA designed for the greatest flexibility in research needs in both lab modules and high-bay research facilities.

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This page is no longer updated.
EPA gave I2SL permission to house this page as a historic record of the Labs21 Annual Conference.