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Labs21 Center of Excellence for Marine-Based Laboratories: University of Hawaii

Wednesday, October 22

From international centers for world-renowned research to small community-based educational facilities, more and more marine laboratories are being established worldwide. This has resulted in a new challenge—ensuring that these highly specialized facilities are designed, engineered, and managed in a way that reflects the spirit of their broader environmental mission. To help meet this challenge, the University of Hawaii is proposing to establish a Center of Excellence in Sustainable Laboratories for Marine and Watershed Studies.

This special breakfast session explored the creation of this Center. By taking advantage of the University's unique location, island culture, and academic resources, the Hawaii Center would serve as a model of sustainability, promoting a lighter, restorative impact for marine-based laboratories on their surrounding environment. The Center would also set a higher standard for sustainable marine-based laboratories—both at the University and throughout Hawaii and the Pacific region—and help achieve of a more sustainable future.

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