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Energy Management for the United States Antarctic Program

Don Atwood, Alaska SAR Facility, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Trevor Viljoen, Raytheon Company


During FY02, the National Science Foundation (NSF) outlined its broad goal for energy management in the U.S. Antarctic Program. Specifically, the NSF seeks to lessen the program's dependence on fossil fuels by 10%. In support of this goal, Raytheon Polar Services (contractor to the NSF) has pursued an active program to encourage conservation, to improve the efficient use of energy, to introduce additional renewable energy into the field camps, and to recommend opportunities for saving energy on station.

Specific initiatives during the FY03 Austral Summer included deploying the Raytheon Corporate Energy Manager to McMurdo and South Pole Stations to perform energy audits of the station infrastructure; launching an "Energy Conservation Awareness" Program to all RPSC and 109th staff; soliciting "Bright Ideas" from station personnel on saving fuel; facilitating a Federal Energy Management Program-funded Wind Study with an engineer from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; installing energy meters and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) in dormitories; converting computers and office equipment to "sleep mode" when not in use, and working to limit the power demands in field camps so that routine power requirements can be provided through the use of renewable energy


Don Atwood completed his Ph.D. in neutron physics under Nobel Laureate, Cliff Shull. He then transitioned to the technology of "the small" by developing leading edge lithographic technologies at Bell Labs and the Raytheon Research Division. A research position at M.I.T. enabled Mr. Atwood to work on acoustic navigation systems for the first Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. He then returned to Raytheon, where he has had leadership roles in remote sensing business development, support for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and the U.S. Antarctic Program.

Trevor Viljoen completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management at Oklahoma State University. He then pursued several positions in management consulting and sales at Philips Petroleum Company. After six years, Mr. Viljoenhelped to establish a successful defense contracting company in Oklahoma. He then joined Texas Instruments where he supported Airborne Electro Optics QA with infrared technology. Since 1999, Trevor has held the position of Corporate Energy Manager for the Raytheon Company, in which he has orchestrated several key energy initiatives. During this time, he also completed a Systems Engineering and Management Masters at Southern Methodist University.

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