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2003 Conference Agenda

The Labs21 2003 Annual Conference was a paperless event. To view available speaker abstracts, click on the title of the presentations listed below. Note: We have only posted abstracts for authors that gave us permission to do so.

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Labs21 2003 Annual Conference
Final Agenda

PRE-CONFERENCE EVENTS: Monday, October 20, 2003

8:00 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30AM - 5:30PM

Option 1: Labs21 High Performance, Low-Energy Design Course

8:30AM - 1:30PM

Option 2: Bio-Containment Symposium


Option 3: National Renewable Energy Laboratory Tours

6:00 - 8:00 PM

Grand Opening Reception
Sponsored by: Fisher Hamilton, Inc.; ISEC, Incorporated; Earl Walls Associates; U.S. Green Building Council ; iLABS ; Maynard/David Partnership

DAY 1: Tuesday, October 21, 2003
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8:00 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM

Morning Plenary
Admiral Richard H. Truly, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

9:05 AM

Morris X. Winn, Assistant Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

9:10 AM

Beth Shearer
, Director, Federal Energy Management Program

9:15 AM

Keynote Address
William McDonough, William McDonough + Partners, Architecture and Community Design

10:00 AM


10:30 AM

Morning Parallel Sessions

Session A-1

Case Studies
Moderator: Garrick Maine, Flad & Associates

The Science & Technology Facility: The Next Step in Sustainability for the National Renewable Energy

Craig Randock, AIA, and Russell Healey, PE, SmithGroup
Nancy Carlisle
, AIA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Sustainable Design of a Research Laboratory
Dale Durfee and Patrick McIntyre, O'Neal, Inc. Architects & Engineers
Chip Bullock, AIA, Emory University

Delivering Sustainable Design in the Lab Environment
Mike Walters, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
Ben Shepherd, Battle McCarthy, Ltd.

Session A-2

An Interactive Tour of the Labs21 Toolkit
Moderator: Paul Mathew, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Paul Mathew, Dale Sartor, and Geoffrey Bell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Session A-3

Energy Recovery
Moderator: Dan Doyle, Grumman/Butkus Associates

Guidelines for Energy Recovery
Susan Reilly, Enermodal Engineer, Inc.
Otto Van Geet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Continuing Advancements in Air-to-Air Energy Recovery in Labs
Keith Cockerham, PE, CUH2A, Inc.

Applying 3A Molecular Sieve Total Energy Recovery Wheels to Laboratory Environments
Michael J. Dausch, PE, Johns Hopkins University
John Fischer, SEMCO Inc.
Duane S. Pinnix, PE, RMF Engineering, Inc.

12:00 PM

Break for Lunch

Poster Session Officially Opens

1:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions I

Session B-1

Codes & Standards
Moderator: Phil Wirdzek, U.S. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

How Safety Codes & Standards Impact Energy Use & Energy Codes Impact Safety: Finding the Right Balance Without Sacrificing Safety, Energy, or Resources
J. Patrick Carpenter, Kling

Overcoming Barriers to and Taking Advantage of Manifold Exhaust Systems
Lee Chapman, Industrial Design and Construction (IDC)

How the Latest Standards Impact Chemical Laboratories
Gregory F. DeLuga, PE, Siemens Building Technologies

Session B-2

Project Financing and Economics
Moderator: Martha Bennett, AIA, Bennett Wagner & Grody

Economic Models for Integrated Project Teams
Daniel M. Arons, AIA, and J. Erik Mollo-Christensen, AIA, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

Laboratory Energy Savings Design—A Case Study
Paul Gibson, PE, TKG Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Building on Bren: Putting a Price on Green Lab Design
Lisa Fay Matthiessen, AIA, and Peter Morris, Davis Langdon Adamson
Todd See, Flack & Kurtz

Session B-3

Fume Hoods
Moderator: Geoffrey Bell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

CFD-driven Optimization of Room Airflow Patterns and Their Effect on Hood Containment for Flexible Laboratories of the Future
Alexy Kolesnikov and Ray Ryan, Flow Sciences, Inc.
Douglas B. Walters, KCP, Inc.

Mechanical and Control System Consideration for Lab Buildings with High Performance Fume Hoods
Victor Neuman, Tek-Air Systems, Inc.

3:00 PM


3:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions II

Session C-1

Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Moderator: Jim Ricigliano, PWI Energy

Laboratories of the Future — Strategies for the Future
William E. Ferguson, Ph.D., CUH2A Inc.

Flexible—Sustainable—and Leased Millennium Pharmaceuticals "R&D's 2003, Lab of the Year"
Donald M. Haiges, PE, Shooshanian Engineering, Inc.
David P. Manfredi, AIA, Elkus/Manfredi Architects

LEED™ and the Lab: A Case Study
Jay Shoemaker, Francis Cauffman Foley Hoffman, Ltd.

Session C-2

Forensics Laboratories
Moderator: Steve Moodie, Fields Devereaux Architects & Engineers

Forensic Laboratory Programming, Planning & Design
Ken C. Mohr, Jr., Health, Education + Research Associates, Inc.

Forensic Laboratories—Sustainable Building Strategies as Determinants of Architectural Character and Humane Working Environment
Benjamin Caffey
, AIA, Fields Devereaux Architects & Engineers

Forensics Laboratories—A Modern Engineering Approach
Michael Cooper, HarleyEllis

Session C-3

Teaching Laboratories: A Focus on Campus Planning
Moderator: Punit Jain, Cannon Design

U.C. Merced Pilot Partnership Update: Completion of Design for the Science and Engineering Building
Karl Brown, California Institute for Energy Efficiency

Recommissioning Existing Labs To Realize Energy Savings
W.S. Lanny Joyce, Cornell University

Obtaining and Using Performance Information From Your Lab
Jim Dewey, University of California—Santa Barbara

5:00 PM

Board Buses for Boulder

6:30 PM

Tour and Dinner at University of Colorado, Boulder

DAY 2: Wednesday, October 22, 2003
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8:00 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast


Breakfast Sessions

  • The Center for High Performance Learning Environments (Hosted by Virginia Tech)
  • Labs21 Center of Excellence for Marine-Based Labs (Hosted by the University of Hawaii)
  • Fuel Cells in Laboratory Applications: Clean Power and a Hydrogen Fueling Station Too
  • Energy Efficiency in Forensic Laboratories

Poster Session Open/Staffed

9:00 AM

Morning Parallel Sessions I

Session D-1

Science Trends and Their Impacts on Lab Design
Moderator: Phil Wirdzek, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Business of Sustainability
Joe Phillips, CUH2A

Automation in Laboratories
Ned Michalowski, Earl Walls Associates

Session D-2

Air System Design
Moderator: Andrew Dymek, Newcomb & Boyd

Evaluating Alternate Fume Hood System Technologies Using Advanced Building Simulation
Karl Aveard, CSI, AIA, Earl Walls Associates
William Kosik, PE, CEM, OWP/P

Air System Design: Good Acoustic Performance Without Sound Traps
Wendell C. Brase and William Cowdell, PE, University of California, Irvine

Session D-3

Cooling and Heating I
Moderator: Ron D'Andrea, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers

The Sustainable Laboratory Building: Challenges from a Current Project
Patrick Fogarty, Norman Disney & Young

Perimeter Heating Requirements and Approaches in the Laboratory Environment
David W. Madigan, PE, vanZelm Heywood & Shadford, Inc.
Daniel M. Arons, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, Inc.

10:00 AM


10:30 AM

Morning Parallel Sessions II

Session E-1

Moderator: Gary Shane, STV Architects

Vivarium Designs, Trends, Benchmarks, and Sustainable Elements
Jeffrey L. Heiken, PE, and John Neilson, Kling

Improving the Environment for Animal Holding Facilities
Christopher S. Robertson, Phoenix Controls Corporation

Using the Commissioning Process to Improve Energy Efficiency in Existing Laboratories & Vivariums
Dan Frasier, Cornerstone Commissioning, Inc.

Session E-2

Sustainable Campus Planning
Moderator: Beth Shearer, Federal Energy Management Program

Sustainable Research Campus Planning at NREL
Laura Burnett, ASLA, Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC
Marc Stutzman, ASLA and Martin Eiss, AIA, RNL Design
Nancy Carlisle, AIA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Sustainable Campus Planning for the FDA Consolidation
Don Posson, PE, CIPE, Kling

LANL Sustainable Design Guideline
Sheila J. Hayter, PE, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Brooke Davis and William Jones, PE, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Session E-3

Moderator: Dale Sartor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Using Benchmarking to Identify Energy Efficiency Opportunity in Cleanrooms: The Labs21 Approach
William Tschudi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Cleanroom Air Management and Efficiency Improvement
Carl J. Peterson, Sandia National Laboratories

What Laboratory Facilities Can Learn from Cleanrooms
Pete Rumsey, PE, Rumsey Engineers, Inc.

12:00 PM


1:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions II

Session F-1

Unique Lab Environments
Moderator: Charlotte Matthews, Steven Winters Associates

Energy Management for the United States Antarctic Program
Don Atwood, Alaska SAR Facility
Trevor Viljoen, Raytheon Company

Process Optimization and Waste Minimization Through Sustainable Design: Planning for the Characterization of High Energy Materials (CHEM) Laboratory
James Stine, Marla Maltin, and Alicia Pope, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Twin Creeks Science and Education Center—Sustainable Laboratory Design for the National Park Service
Jim Nicolow, Lord, Aeck & Sargent
Victor Olgyay, Ensar Group, Inc.

Session F-2

Moderator: David Reese, Carter & Burgess, Inc.

Making a Case for Sustainable Developer Driven Lab Projects
Victoria David, AIA, Maynard/David Partnership, Inc.

Efficient Lab Retrofits: Teaching Old Labs New Tricks
Jonathan Friedan, Joseph D'Alu, and Dennis Potter, Ballinger

Session F-3

Exhaust Systems I
Moderator: Tim Kehrli, TLK Consulting

Hazardous Exhaust Discharge Options
Bruce E. Appel, PE, Cator, Ruma & Associates

Design Guidance for Exhausts
Edwina Wong
and Michael Ratcliff, Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin

Varying Exhaust Stack Discharge Velocity to Improve Energy Efficiency and Performance—Case Studies
Gregory R. Johnson, PE, Newcomb & Boyd Consultants and Engineers

3:00 PM


3:30 PM

Afternoon Parallel Sessions II

Session G-1

Bio-Containment Laboratories
Moderator: Phil Wirdzek, U.S. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Sustainability Considerations in State-of-the-Art Biocontainment Facilities
Jeffrey Schramm, Gilbane Building Company

The Challenges of Providing Bio-Containment Spaces in Existing Facilities
Ed Cordes, AIA and Raymond Beets, AIA, B2HK Architecture

Session G-2

Operations and Maintenance
Moderator: Will Lintner, U.S. Department of Energy

Engaging Laboratory Operations for Significant Improvements in Sustainability
Joe Phillips, CUH2A

Quantification of Incremental Energy Savings Related to Hood Sash Best Management Practices
Bill Brewer, Duke University Medical Center

Session G-3

Exhaust Systems II: Modeling
Moderator: Otto Van Geet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Best Practices for Modeling Exhaust Dispersion
Ronald Petersen, Cermak Peterka Petersen, Inc.

4:30 PM

Board Buses for NCAR

6:00 PM

Dinner at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Day 3: Thursday, October 23, 2003
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8:00 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast


Breakfast Sessions

  • Laboratory Codes and Standards: Energy Efficiency and Human Health (Hosted by Harvard University)
  • Energy Efficient Laboratory Equipment
  • Campus Planning Strategies

Poster Session Open/Staffed

9:00 AM

Morning Parallel Sessions I

Session H-1

Cooling and Heating II
Moderator: Jeff Willis, PageSoutherlandPage

Efficiency by Design: Haverford University, A Case Study
Philip Bartholomew, PE, CUH2A, Inc.

The Problem with Single Duct VAV: Built-In Inefficiency of the Common Lab System
Michael Morehead, Flack + Kurtz Inc.

Session H-2

Performance Benchmarking
Moderator: Sheila Hayter, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A New Approach to HVAC Design: Benchmarking and the MLM (Most Likely Maximum) Method
Karl Brown, California Institute for Energy Efficiency

Systems Performance Benchmarking
Nicholas A. Caronna, PE, CRB Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Session H-3

Human Factors
Moderator: David Sutton, Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA)

Educating the Workforce on Sustainable Design at Sandia National Laboratories
Jack Mizner, Sandia National Laboratories

Practical & Poetic: The Sociology of Science
Jeff Salocks and Chris Leary, The Stubbins Associates

10:00 AM


10:30 AM

Morning Parallel Sessions II

Session I-1

Environmental Performance Criteria
Moderator: Paul Mathew, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Piloting the Use of Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria in the Design and Construction of a Laboratory Facility
Jack Mizner, Sandia National Laboratories

Applying the Environmental Performance Criteria Version 2.0 to a New Laboratory Building
Rick Phillips and Renee Azerbegi, RMH Group, Inc.
Thomas Wuertz and Philip Macey, RNL Design

Sustainable Laboratories: Using LEED™ for Laboratories
Karl Aveard, CSI, AIA, Earl Walls Associates
Brendan Owens, U.S. Green Building Council

Session I-2

The Future of Sustainable Laboratory Design
Moderator: Roger Maynard, Maynard/David Partnership

Planning for the Unknown: How Do You Build a 50-Year Laboratory When You Can't See the Science 10 Years From Now?
Karl K. Jonietz and Kenneth Stroh, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lean, Green Research Machine: Implemental Strategies for Sustainable Research Facilities
Jeff Salocks and Chris Leary, The Stubbins Associate

A Teaching Laboratory for the 21st Century: Designing a Biomanufacturing Training Facility for the State of North Carolina, A Public/Private Partnership
Andrew Rothschild, Scientific Properties

Session I-3

Moderator: Michael Weiss, Working Buildings LLC/Building Commissioning Association

Commissioning: Expediting Laboratory Construction, "On Time/On Budget"
Jeremy H. Deall, E-Cube, Inc.

Exemplary Laboratory Design From the Commissioning Perspective
Jarrell D. Wenger, PE, Engineering Economics, Inc.

On Target: A Building Systems Commissioning Program at Sandia National Laboratories
Ralph Wrons, Sandia National Laboratories

12:00 PM


1:30 PM

Afternoon Plenary Session & Conference Wrap-Up

Where's the Money—Leveraging State Resources for Energy Generation
Scott Sklar, The Stella Group, Ltd.

3:00 PM


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