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About St. Louis

Photo of  Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a city best known for its rich history and its signature monument—the Gateway Arch.

People from every corner of the world converge on St. Louis to visit the stainless steel marvel known as the Gateway Arch. At 630 feet tall, it's the nation's tallest monument. It was designed by internationally renowned architect Eero Saarinen as a monument to the spirit of the western pioneers.

Beyond the Arch, St. Louis is a city filled with culturally diverse neighborhoods, exciting nightlife, professional sports, and more. St. Louis boasts more than a thousand one-of-a-kind restaurants and is currently home to more working blues musicians than any place else in the world.

St. Louis is celebrating several important milestones in 2004. The city is celebrating the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition as well as the centennial anniversary of the 1904 "Meet Me in St. Louis" World's Fair and the 1904 Olympic Games.

To learn more about all there is to see and do in St. Louis, visit

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