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Environmental Management Systems: Delivering Value to Laboratories

Greg Allen, US Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) are a good fit for laboratories because most laboratories have their share of risks and environmental liabilities that require careful management. The value that is returned to a laboratory through EMS implementation can come in several forms including: cost savings; compliments to health, safety, and quality management; overall environmental risk management (e.g. fewer spills); employee satisfaction; market competitiveness; improved compliance record; better relations with surrounding community and regulators; etc. This conclusion is supported by drawing on a real case study of EMS implementation at EPA's Environmental Science Center, Ft. Meade, Maryland. This presentation will highlight ways to get started with EMS implementation at your laboratory and resources for reference.


Greg Allen has been active with EMS implementation since 1996. Greg
lead the implementation of an EMS at EPA's Environmental Science Center,
which is the first EPA facility to be independently registered to ISO
14001. He has subsequently assisted dozens of facilities with EMS
implementation and has produced several EMS training tools. For this
work, Greg has been honored with a White House Closing the Circle Award
and several EPA achievement awards. He is a member of the Division
Council of American Society for Quality Energy and Environment Division
and holds degrees in Biology and Engineering Management.

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