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The Better Mousetrap—A New HP/Low Velocity Fume Hood Design

RJ Regan, Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers LLC

Complexity is not required for HP hoods. It can also be achieved through a standard depth hood, saving lab space and ease of installation, and includes proper baffle design and directional airflow. This research found that three things were of primary importance. They were safety, simplicity, and space. Energy efficiency was of limited value if the main criteria were not met. The hood has been redesigned, put together and assembled to increase internal size without increasing the standard external footprint and achieving the lower 60 feet per minute criteria.

A fume hood is a small piece of the total laboratory system and without proper return and supply air that is properly conditioned for both temperature and humidity the performance of the hood and ultimately the safety of the lab can be compromised. The new HP/Low Velocity hood is simple and does require additional motors or mechanisms that can fail in the field and pose a potential problem for maintenance personnel. The innovative design also includes a clever knock down feature which can be assembled without having access behind the hood, which was of particular importance for mobile and temporary labs.

Labs21 Connection:

In an effort for continuous improvement the researchers talked to and listened to end users, planners, consultants and architects to determine what was missing in current fume hood performance. Safety is still the primary concern for the laboratory, but energy efficiency and life cycle cost is becoming a bigger issue. The research was used to develop a new HP/Low velocity fume hood that minimizes environmental impacts, promotes safety, and encourages continuous improvement in building efficiency.


RJ Regan has five years experience with the Plas-Labs corporation in Lansing, MI. Plas-Labs is the world leader in acrylic containment and isolation technology. He also has six years with Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers working with and manufacturing fume hoods. He has written and published a fume hood article for School Facilities newsletter (Fume Hoods 101, the box the sucks). He is a past ISPE Member (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers), a member of SEFA (Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association), and a member of NSSEA (National School Supply & Equipment Association). He developed his public speaking skills through training with Toastmasters (Lansing, MI).

Mr. Regan has earned his private pilot's license and is a graduate of Indiana University and earned an MBA from Northwood University, DeVos Graduate School of Management in Midland, MI.


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