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Breakfast Session:
Sustainable Hospitals

Wednesday, October 19
8-9 a.m.

Hosted by the High Performance Hospitals Partnership, A BetterBricks Initiative

Driven by increasing costs and shrinking reimbursements for patient care, hospitals are looking deeper for opportunities to control or even reduce costs. Adopting measures to increase a hospital's energy efficiency is one strategy. But what's the best overall strategic approach for achieving greater energy-efficiency while enhancing mission critical goals such as patient quality of care and staff retention?

Hosted by Jennifer Stout of the High Performance Hospital Partnership, a BetterBricks Initiative, the session covered:

  • An introduction to the High Performance Hospital Partnership
  • Hospitals that are taking a leadership role in strategic energy management
  • The primary challenges of achieving long-term energy efficiency improvements in hospitals
  • Differences between tactical and strategic approaches to energy management
  • Information, research, and services needed to address these challenges
  • Ways organizations and individuals can work together to achieve shared goals

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