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Breakfast Session:
LEED™ for Labs Roundtable

Wednesday, October 19
8-9 a.m.

More and more laboratory designers are using the LEED®criteria in the creation of sustainable, high-performance facilities. To demonstrate this growing trend, look no further than the agenda for the Labs21 2005 Annual Conference, where nearly 25 percent of the presentations reference LEED.

For many in the lab community, "LEEDfor Labs" is of special interest, as laboratory designers, engineers, and owners strive to both define and design a new standard for "green" laboratories.

Moderated by Sandy Mendler of HOK, the session allowed you to:

  • Review the current status of the LEEDApplication Guide for Labs (LEED-AGL)
  • Share your experiences with LEED
  • Participate in an open discussion and provide feedback on the draft LEED-AGL

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This page is no longer updated.
EPA gave I2SL permission to house this page as a historic record of the Labs21 Annual Conference.