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2006 Technology and Services Fair

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Sponsored by the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), in partnership with the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA), the Labs21 2006 Technology and Services Fair gave conference attendees an opportunity to explore the latest in forward-thinking sustainable laboratory technology and design. Exhibitors showcased a wide variety of innovative products and services ranging from fume hoods and energy recovery equipment to energy- and water-efficient building design options.

This year's Technology and Services Fair kicked off Monday night during the Grand Opening Reception, and was available to attendees during breaks, breakfasts, and two-hour lunches throughout the conference.

Labs21 2006 Exhibitors

This year's Technology and Services Fair featured the following exhibitors:

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Want to learn more about the Technology and Services Fair? Visit I2SL's websitefor more information.

Please note that vendor participation in the Labs21 Technology Fair does not imply endorsement by EPA, DOE, or I2SL.

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This page is no longer updated.
EPA gave I2SL permission to house this page as a historic record of the Labs21 Annual Conference.