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A Labs21 Best Practice Guide: Commissioning Ventilated Containment Systems in the Laboratory

Stan Lengerich, Eli Lilly and Company

For this Labs21 Best Practice Guide, an experienced and diverse group was gathered to collect current wisdom on the subject. The resulting guide sums up the commissioning process in broad strokes, then describes the critical processes, noting those steps that are too often neglected, and cautioning against some all-too-common pitfalls. Central to the guide is its view of commissioning as an integral element of the total project, beginning with planning and continuing into the life of the equipment. Special emphasis is given on how commissioning parameters can be used to facilitate the achievement of LEED® certification.

The presentation will move through the guideline sections, summarizing the scope of each:

  1. Evolution and Technology of Ventilated Enclosure Testing
  2. The People: Bringing Together Essential Personnel
  3. The Equipment: A Spectrum of Ventilated Containment Systems
  4. The Plan: Key Elements of the Commissioning Protocol
  5. Implementing Commissioning within the Phases of a Project
  6. The 21st Century: Issues, Innovations, and LEED Accreditation


Stan Lengerich is a certified industrial hygienist and an engineering consultant with the Eli Lilly and Company Engineering Technology Center. He brings more than 20 years experience to his role of providing engineering consulting to research, development, and manufacturing laboratories. Stan’s primary focus at Lilly is the design, delivery, and operation of laboratory containment and ventilation systems. Currently he is working on laboratory projects in Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Stan is a voting member of the ASHRAE 110 standards committee, and he is also the lead author of the Labs21 Best Practice Guide: Commissioning Ventilated Containment Systems in the Laboratory.

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