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Basics of Water Purification and Water Purification System Design for a Laboratory Facility

Jeffery Denoncourt, Millipore Corporation

Purified water is required for a wide range of applications within a laboratory facility. The water quality needed can range from general laboratory grade to ultrapure water matching the sensitivity of critical research. In addition, the quantity of water needed can vary from a few liters to several hundred liters per day.

Understanding and then meeting these needs is a challenge but critical in the design of a total water purification system for a laboratory facility.

The presentation will review the four main types of water contaminants and key technologies used in most water purification systems to remove these contaminants. In addition, common applications where pure water is used will be covered and linked to industry pure water quality standards. Finally, the key steps in a water purification system project will be reviewed with focus on defining requirements and water system design considerations and practices to assure that a water purification system will meet all the laboratory facility pure water requirements.


  • Water contaminants and key purification technologies overview.
  • Pure water applications and industry water quality standards.
  • Defining pure water needs; step 1 in a pure water system project.
  • Total system design including important design considerations and good design practices.


Jeffrey Denoncourt is the national custom water systems manager in the Bioscience Division of Millipore Corporation. In this position, he manages the custom water system and solutions business. Jeffrey has over 25 years experience in water purification and has held a variety of product development and design positions including research and development, marketing, and product management.

Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from the University of New Hampshire. He is the author of numerous papers and frequently speaks on water purification and system design.

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