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Reinventing Teaching Laboratories at Community Colleges

Toni Loiacano, LEED® AP, DSA Architects, a member of SHW Group

This poster will show examples of community college teaching projects that utilize:

  • Laboratories and Sustainability
    • Utilizing the concept of sustainability holistically in laboratories, balancing initial costs and life cycle costs.
    • Using efficient laboratory planning: addressing real needs and providing future expansion.
    • Installing daylighting in laboratories and classrooms.
    • Selecting material carefully.
    • Using integral energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design.
    • Addressing the exterior landscape as a sustainable, renewable laboratory.
  • Laboratory Renovation
    • Maximizing cost efficiency in laboratory design and planning.
    • Maximizing reuse and flexibility of existing laboratory facility.
  • Laboratory Planning
    • Putting science on display, using unique aesthetics that showcase laboratories.
    • Using architectural design to reflect the integration of laboratory, classrooms, and collaborative space, enhancing the learning environment, and facilitating constructivist curriculum.


Toni Loiacano has planned and programmed many higher education facilities. Her current programming projects include science laboratories at: College of Education and Human Sciences; Central Michigan University Science Center; North Central Michigan College School of Engineering; Midwestern State University Center for Excellence in Bioengineering and Life Sciences; Kettering University Southeast Expansion; Tarrant County Community College District University Center; Lansing Community College Biomedical Technology Center; Schoolcraft College Center for Health Professions; Jackson Community College Academic Building Addition/Renovation; and Bryn Mawr College.

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