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Flexible Laboratory Solutions for User Needs and Sustainability – A View from Europe’s Largest Laboratory Furniture Manufacturer

Konrad Kreuzer, CEO, Waldner, Germany

Konrad Kreuzer is CEO of Waldner Laboreinrichtungen, Europe’s leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture and a company with more than 500 employees and annual revenue of US$135 million. He is also a director of its US subsidiary, Waldner Inc., and a member of the European Standards committee for fume hoods. Mr. Kreuzer will describe recent German research on the requirements of laboratory users, and how manufacturers are responding to the findings that users want increased flexibility at all levels—from personal working spaces to entire laboratories. Mr. Kreuzer will focus on case studies of two flexible laboratory projects in Germany—the Center for Fuel Cell Technology in Duisburg and a laboratory of a leading pharmaceutical company in Freiburg.


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