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Legal Issues and Ramifications for Medical Facilities

Kent Stair, Carlock, Copeland, Semler & Stair, LLP

The challenges in planning and designing public buildings in today's litigious society are significantly compounded by the need to balance new concerns involving energy and health issues with ever present budgetary constraints. Further burdening the effort is the unfortunate reality that the "standard of care" that will be applied in future litigation will be blessed with a level of hindsight that cannot be fairly envisioned by the exercise of reasonable foresight. Looking at toxic tort litigation as it is currently known and as it might be anticipated in the future, this presentation will place the issues raised by other panel members in a legal context, so that attendees might better understand the potential impact of the design decisions they make today on the litigation in which they may be involved tomorrow.


Kent Stair is an attorney with the law firm of Carlock, Copeland, Semler & Stair, LLP. He received his law degree from Emory University in 1976, and is licensed to practice in South Carolina and Georgia, maintaining offices in Charleston and Atlanta. During the last 25 years, Kent has focused his practice on the representation of architects, engineers, and contractors in all types of litigation involving design and construction issues. He has also lectured extensively to groups of owners, developers, designers, contractors, suppliers, and others involved in the construction of buildings on the liability risks they face and on the management of those risks, to the extent reasonably possible.

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