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Innovative European Laboratory Designs and Technologies

Wednesday, October 3
2:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Differing regulations, energy costs, business practices, and other factors mean that laboratory design and operation can be very different in Europe than in North America. This session profiled some of the interesting laboratory design approaches and technologies that have been identified through Labs21 UK events held in Belgium, Britain, Germany, and Switzerland over the last year. This symposium was of particular interest to domestic professionals and suppliers interested in new ideas and/or building or developing a European presence.

Panel Presentations:

Welcome – A Brief Overview of Key Business, Regulatory, and Technical Differences Between European and US Laboratories
Peter James, Co-Director, Higher Education Environmental Performance Improvement (HEEPI) project and Coordinator, Labs21 UK, United Kingdom

New European Approaches to Laboratory Design – Risk-Based Safety Standards and Ultra Flexible Utilities
Mike Dockery, Consultant, Health and Safety Laboratory, United Kingdom

Flexible Laboratory Solutions for User Needs and Sustainability – A View from Europe’s Largest Laboratory Furniture Manufacturer
Konrad Kreuzer, CEO, Waldner, Germany

Fully Mobile VAV Fume Hoods and Other "Plug In" Laboratory Equipment
Alberto Rivolta, Managing Director, Gloria Artec, Italy

European Approach: What are the Implications for North America and Other Continents?
Panel Discussion

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