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Tours and Receptions

Tour and Reception at the Medical University of South Carolina
Tuesday, October 2

Participants toured several buildings on the Medical University of South Carolina campus, including the Darby Children’s Research Institute; the Storm Eye Institute ; the brand new, but not yet operational Ashley River Tower hospital facility; and the award-winning central energy plant. The tour explored these unique facilities and taught participants how each adapts to Charleston’s building and sustainability needs. Participants explored the complexities of providing laboratory spaces within an existing, functional medical center, including space limitations, power and emergency needs, and containment and access issues. In conjunction with the tours, attendees enjoyed a reception with a view from the 8th floor of the Storm Eye Institute.

Explore Charleston!
Wednesday, October 3

Labs21 conference attendees were able to take an evening off with their families, friends, or colleagues to explore, enjoy, and network in exciting downtown Charleston.

Tour and Lunch at The Navy Yard at Noisette
Thursday, October 4

At the close of the conference, attendees had an opportunity to explore one of the largest sustainable development projects in the country, as presented in the conference keynote speeches. The Navy Yard at Noisette, a 340 acre section of land on the site of the former Charleston Naval Base, provided visitors with an appreciation of the scope and dynamics involved in targeting such a large site for sustainable development. Participants considered ways to integrate sustainable research facilities and infrastructure requirements into the challenging context of the site; toured the adjacent research facility for the recently recovered Hunley submarine (2 pp, 1.55 MB), which is defining the research objective for the 82-acre Clemson University Restoration Institute area of the site just south of the Navy Yard at Noisette; and enjoyed a Lowcountry lunch at 10 Storehouse Row, a former Navy storehouse on the Noisette campus that has been converted into a successful retail space.

To learn more about the Labs21 tour of Noisette, view the Labs21/Noisette electronic flier (1 pp, 718 KB) or the article on the Hunley submarine (13 pp, 687 KB) published by the International Journal of Nautical Archeology (2004).

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