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Certifying Performance of Induced Flow Fans: AMCA Standard 260

Anthony Rossi, Greenheck Fan Corporation

The benefit of using high plume dilution (induced flow) blowers for laboratory exhaust systems have been known and accepted for many years in laboratory exhaust system design. These fans entrain additional dilution air, reducing exhaust effluent contaminant concentration, as well as adding additional discharge momentum, resulting in greater exhaust plume dispersion.

One problem with high plume dilution blowers is that, until recently, there was no independent third party (Air Movement & Control Association-AMCA) performance certification for the discharge of induced flow blowers. Certification by an independent third party (AMCA) verifies that the manufacturer's presented performance data and the manufacturer's actual equipment performance are accurate. Independent third party performance certification now exists for induced flow fans, and as with other fan and blower types, should be required. This should be a significant concern to users in this industry as the discharge performance of high plume dilution blowers is integrated into the safety design requirements of the exhaust system design.

This presentation will illustrate and discuss application and benefit of performance testing of high plume dilution blowers per AMCA 260. Consideration, use, and inclusion of AMCA 260 into project specifications will assist the consulting engineer and end user with ensuring that the safety related performance of the exhaust system is met.


Anthony (Tony) Rossi is the Director of Laboratory Exhaust Systems for Greenheck Fan Corporation. Tony has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has 30 years in the industrial ventilation industry, the past 20 dedicated to laboratory ventilation. Mr. Rossi is a member of ASHRAE and serves on ASHRAE TC 9.10 Laboratory Systems and chairs ASHRAE Educational Committees. In addition to ASHRAE, Mr. Rossi has been involved with ARI and AMCA test development standards.

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