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Environmental Performance Criteria (EPC) for Data Centers

Ray Pfeifer, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

This presentation is on a LEED® applications guide for Data Centers that was developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL) and sponsored by the California Energy Commission PIER research program. The initiative is a collaboration of data center industry organizations, including ASHRAE, The GreenGrid, The Uptime Institute, 24 by 7, Critical Facilities Roundtable, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and LBNL. The intent of the project is to develop a data center specific LEED Application Guide for submission for review and adoption by the U.S. Green Buidling Council in the new bookshelf program. To validate the difference in the new EPC for data centers, two case studies will be presented comparing two new data center's LEED scores and rating under the current LEED NC 2.2 standards and the new EPC requirements. The final case study will include the results of the EPC project including:

  • LEED for Data Centers checklist
  • List of new and modified credits
  • Text of new and revised credits
  • Rationale for modification and additions to each credit
  • Modifications to ASHRAE TC 90.1 (electrical distribution)
  • EPC for two new data centers
  • Technical infrastructure design overview
  • Design PUE & DCIE
  • LEED NC 2.2 checklist and rating
  • Data centers EPC checklist and rating

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