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DOE and On-site Renewables: A Comprehensive Approach to Deployment

Matthew Gray, U.S. Department of Energy

Through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Transformational Energy Action Management (TEAM) Initiative, the Secretary of Energy has set a goal of in-place, executable renewable energy agreements for all DOE sites by the end of 2008 for on-site renewable energy to meet and exceed the E.O. 13423 renewable energy consumption goal of 7.5 percent (equivalent to 185 gigawatt hours of on-site renewable generation).

To implement the TEAM Initiative, the Department will build replicable and streamlined models for procurement and deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The Department has screened 60 DOE sites across the country for potential distributed renewable energy development and utility-scale potential for concentrating solar power and large wind. Based on the initial screenings and collaborative relationships with the DOE Program Secretarial Offices and the DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs, detailed renewable energy assessments of high priority DOE sites are underway.

Recognizing that current pricing, contracting, and technology constraints limit the potential for on-site renewable energy generation for the Federal government, the Department will expand upon the assistance of private sector financing and development expertise through:

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts and Utility Energy Service Contracts.
  • Power Purchase Agreements.
  • Bundling/aggregating DOE sites and potentially other federal sites.
  • Utilizing renewable energy credits and subsidies with federal projects.

The presentation will discuss the DOE TEAM renewable initiative, update with progress to date, and discuss how the initiative and its approaches and models may be applicable to other agencies and corporations.


Matthew Gray is a Presidential Management Fellow with the U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program. He serves as chairman of the Interagency Sustainability Working Group (ISWG), which facilitates federal leadership in high-performance and sustainable building. Matt also helps agencies meet their renewable energy goals with assistance in on-site projects and renewable power purchases. Prior to joining DOE, Matt worked in energy management consulting, ecological water purification and for multiple conservation organizations. He has Bachelor's degrees in industrial engineering and anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in public administration in environmental science and policy from Columbia University.

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