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Cross-Contamination in Healthcare Facilities: Prevention Through Balanced and Integrated Design Approach

Thursday, September 18

This comprehensive symposium described the benefits of an integrated team approach to the architectural design, engineering, and construction of healthcare facilities. A team of presenters from HOK, HDR Architecture, Inc., CPP, Inc., and JE Dunn Construction described a process of systems integration that addresses energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, contamination control, and operation while meeting the standard operating procedures of the facility. The group described many of the laboratory-related design and engineering strategies that also translate to healthcare facilities and highlight the tight operational tolerances that must become part of the standard operating procedures. The team also provided significant opportunities for discussion and to identify some of the contributions that the laboratory industry can make to healthcare emergency planning.

Panel Presentations:

Working Together to Build Safer
Simona Besnea, CPP, Inc.

Influence of Research Laboratories in Patient Care and Infection Control
Rohit Saxena

Balancing Sustainability and Infection Control through Healthcare Design
Michael Street
, HDR Architecture, Inc.

Cross Contamination and Infection Control Planning for Construction
Steve Black, JE Dunn Construction

Panel Discussion

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