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On-Site Renewable Energy Systems for Zero Carbon Laboratories

Tuesday, September 16

During this session, various industry representatives discussed on-site renewable energy (RE) systems as a major solution for improving the operational effectiveness and security of research facilities and campuses. Examples of existing on-campus projects were examined to demonstrate the strategies through which RE systems can be effectively implemented. Presenters also discussed in detail the technology options and "screening resources" for RE systems through the use of RE resource maps, along with the important issues regarding the financing of RE projects. This symposium was made possible though the efforts of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Panel Presentations:

Why Renewable Energy Systems for Research Facilities and Campuses?
Phil Wirdzek, the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories

Technology Options and "Screening" for Renewable Energy
Otto Van Geet, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Zero Energy/Carbon Neutral Laboratories and Campuses
Randall Lacey, Cornell University
Samara Larson, University of California at Irvine
Doug Payne, REgrid
Jesse Denver, City of San Jose

Financing Renewable Energy projects—A Photovoltaic Developer's Plan
Steve Voss, SunEdison
Terry Gallagher, Kaufman Brothers
Kurt Borg, Solar Integrated

Panel Discussion

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