Introduction to Plug Loads: A Nationwide Study on Laboratory Plug Loads and Their Impact on HVAC-Systems

Allison Paradise, My Green lab

The results of a recent nationwide study on laboratory plug loads revealed a significant opportunity for energy savings. Over 1500 scientists responded to questions about thirty-two pieces of equipment across seven product categories.

Data about the average number of pieces of equipment per lab and the operating hours for the equipment were used to calculate a total estimated energy consumption of plug loads in labs. This work was done as part of a larger project to establish a center for independent, objective 3rd-party energy testing and benchmarking of laboratory equipment.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will learn about the most commonly found plug loads in laboratories.
  • Participants will learn which plug loads are having the greatest impact on the energy consumption of laboratories.
  • Participants will learn about plans to address plug loads in a holistic, systematic way.


Allison Paradise is the Executive Director of My Green Lab, a non-profit dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of laboratories. She holds degrees in Neuroscience from Brown and Harvard, and prior to co-founding My Green Lab she worked as a scientific consultant.


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