What is a Green Lab Anyway?

Allison Paradise, My Green Lab

Green Lab certifications can be a powerful tool in assessing and rewarding sustainable practices in laboratories. In order to help the community come together around national standards for safe, sustainable labs, a new online certification tool has been developed. The implications of this new platform, and the impact it could have on labs and organizations alike, will form the foundation of this presentation. We will also discuss how to use certifications generally to establish standards, assess current practices, and incentivize labs to make lasting behavioral changes.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn the various ways Green Lab certifications have been used to drive behavior change.
  • To understand how organizations and labs use certifications to affect institutional change.
  • To learn about a new certification tool that was developed to make certifying labs easier.


Allison Paradise is the Executive Director of My Green Lab, a California-based non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainability in laboratories. My Green Lab works with over two dozen organizations in California and several organizations nationally to reduce the environmental impact of their labs through outreach programs and concrete initiatives. Paradise holds degrees in neuroscience from Brown and Harvard, and before co-founding My Green Lab, she worked as a scientific consultant.


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