Let's Build A Score!

Ari Frankel, Alexandria Real Estate

Owners and operators of laboratory building portfolios devote significant time and resources to manage the energy costs and environmental footprint of their operations. The lack of an energy efficiency score for this important use type has the potential to obscure energy hogs and give them a free pass, while at the same time exposing buildings that are relatively efficient being misunderstood and unfairly called out by various stakeholders. As Labs21 is re-launched as the Laboratory Benchmarking Tool (LBT), Alexandria aspires to help lead the industry toward an energy scoring system that engages lab building owners and users to drive sufficient participation and data quality in order to drive validity and efficacy. Alexandria will provide an introduction to its sustainability program and tie in its motivations for leadership and action.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and be able to participate in the Sustainability Mission and Program of the industry leading life science landlord;
  • Provide overview of benchmarking and its purposes/value;
  • Highlight what role audience members can play in driving building portfolio data into the new LBT; and
  • Identify challenges of and solutions toward data quality and specificity that scoring requires.


Ari Frankel is the Assistant Vice President—Sustainability & High-Performance Buildings for Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., an urban office REIT specializing in collaborative life science and technology campuses in AAA innovation cluster locations. Mr. Frankel brings 15 years of experience to his role in enhancing and raising awareness of Alexandria’s sustainability program.

Mr. Frankel supports Alexandria’s sustainability initiatives company-wide, which include reducing energy, greenhouse gas pollution, water, and waste from existing buildings; achieving high levels of LEED certification on all new ground-up construction projects; supporting the company’s strategies to deliver and be recognized for amenities and services that promote the health, well-being, and productivity of its employees, tenants, and partners; identifying, managing and mitigating the potential impacts of climate change on the Alexandria portfolio; and reporting the company’s ESG policies, practices and performance. In addition, Mr. Frankel represents Alexandria as Chair of the Nareit Real Estate Sustainability Council and Executive Committee, and on the GRESB Real Estate Americas Benchmark Committee.

Mr. Frankel earned his MBA from the University of California, Berkley with a certificate in real estate. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of California, San Diego. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Fitwel Ambassador, and a trained Climate Reality Leader.


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