Lab Ventilation Rates An Informed Discussion

Gregory Muth, CannonDesign

No discussion about laboratory design brings more angst and debate than the setting of laboratory ventilation rates. To some, the selection of air change rates is shrouded in mystery, while to others it is based in history and tradition. In this session, we will demystify the mechanics of air changes and look at them in the context of modern labs. We will discuss what factors influence lab ventilation and, ultimately, provide attendees the ability to make better-informed decisions when making choices around lab ventilation.

Learning Objectives

  • understand what factors drive lab ventilation rates;
  • understand the difference between laminar flow and diffuse flow;
  • understand the concept of ventilation effectiveness and how it affects lab ventilation; and
  • better understand the choices around lab ventilation.


Gregory Muth is a seasoned laboratory planner and project manager with 30 years' experience working with science and technology, university and corporate clients. He collaborates with researchers to turn complex technical requirements into realized designs. Gregory is constantly rethinking the scientific workplace and developing innovative new solutions to ongoing challenges.


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