Sustainability, Occupant Well Being, and Better Buildings Through Smart Systems

Josh Radoff, WSP Building Systems
Cory Mosiman, WSP Building Systems

Sustainability, resiliency, and occupant health and well-being are evolving themes in high-performance building design and operations. The emergence of smart building technology, including an increasing array of cheap sensors, data management and visualization platforms, and software to distill the data into meaningful decision making is creating a new model for building O&M. Along with all other market sectors, laboratories can now more readily embrace a focus on health, well-being, comfort, talent retention, productivity, and real-estate efficiency, in addition to energy and HVAC performance, to make the best use of their buildings and infrastructure.

This session will review how occupancy sensors, air quality and acoustic monitors, BAS fault detection systems, and energy sub-metering, can be integrated with a data management and decision-making platform to drive higher levels of building performance, including sustainability, health, and space utilization, and be used to improve the fundamental goals of a research-based organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how Smart Buildings (sensors and data management) can enable high-performance buildings, both energy and IEQ;
  • Explain how Smart Buildings can improve space utilization;
  • Show how Monitoring-Based Cx can support energy, safety, and health-related goals; and
  • Demonstrate how design standards should evolve to incorporate sensors and data management platforms.


Josh is a Senior Vice President and leads the WSP Built Ecology practice. He works on a range of sustainable buildings and infrastructure projects, including those pursuing high-level sustainability goals such as Net Zero Energy, WELL and LEED certification. Josh is a past co-chair of the ULI Colorado Healthy Places Committee and a LEED Fellow. Josh holds Masters' degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and Columbia University, New York.

Cory Mosiman is a Smart Building Specialist within our building technology systems group at WSP. He works on the development of system architectures and deployment of enterprise-level data collection, analysis techniques, and control strategies in converged Building Automation Systems to find business intelligence and operational efficiencies for clients. He holds a Master's degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder.


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