Building Sustainable Partnerships to Launch a Laboratory Start-Up

Elizabeth Morales, TreanorHL
Mark Spiecker, STAQ Pharma

Building the right partnerships is a great tool to help launch and sustain a new laboratory facility. Through the lens of STAQ Pharma's new facility and lessons learned there, attendees can understand how to form mutually beneficial relationships with health, design and community partners that promote the purpose, functionality, environmental impact and longevity of your facility.

Representing the values of Safety-Transparency-Availability-Quality, STAQ was founded with the mission of solving drug shortage problems for hospitals and addressing the unmet need for drugs mixed & packaged specifically for pediatric patients. Much headway has been made thanks to their strategies of robotic production processes that mitigate human error factors, ‘just-in-time' delivery that cuts out wasted product, and right-sized packaging for pediatrics; however, this vision would not be possible without the support of key partnerships in the realms of healthcare, facility design and community advocates.

Our session will examine how:

  • Healthcare partnership with the local children's hospital (Children's Hospital Colorado) created product demand and funding support
  • Design partnership with lab-focused architect early in the process to help you make informed decisions centered on sustainability and functionality. We will look at some solutions, including building reuse, modular design and HVAC adaptations for a more energy efficient cleanroom.
  • Community Partnership with city officials and neighbors promotes transparency and respect, making approvals easier

We plan to discuss how to build mutually beneficial relationships and strategies for sustaining them as long-term partnerships.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn strategies for structuring mutually-beneficial partnerships to support a new start-up facility;
  • Examine design choices that can improve the energy efficiency of cleanrooms;
  • Investigate STAQ Pharma's GMP approach for right-sized, just-in-time pediatric drugs for pre-op, operative and post-op procedures; and
  • Discuss ways to help secure community buy-in and support for your new facility.


Elizabeth Morales is an Architectural Associate with TreanorHL and has been practicing design for over three years. She has dedicated much of her recent design work to research and production laboratory settings as part of her firm's Advanced Industries design studio. She also holds a strong personal interest in sustainable design and how these practices can be applied to highly technical settings. Elizabeth is a Florida native and graduate of the University of Florida School of Architecture.

Mark Spiecker is President of STAQ Pharma, a 503B Outsourcing Facility in Colorado that will provide sterile injectable compounded medications to hospitals across the country. Prior to joining STAQ, Marks's career spanned a number of strategy and leadership roles, touching the medical device, cable and telecommunications industries. He is an active community leader, currently serving as a Board Member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, and an advisor to the Institute for Science Policy.


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