Lab Ecosystem: Identifying an Ecosystem to Support Innovative Science

Mark Paskanik, CRB

Identifying a lab's ecosystem can be more important than the lab itself. A successful lab ecosystem helps to create innovation and advances in science. Now more than ever, we are evaluating ways to make each lab successful beyond just the physical space. To support that spark of genius, we need to embrace and create the lab of the future with automation, robotics, sustainability, and AI. Discover the future of laboratory spaces and learn about effective lab design strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the characteristics of a good lab ecosystem;
  • Evaluate criteria for innovation;
  • Describe the future of lab ecosystems; and
  • Learn about effective design strategies.


Mark Paskanik, AIA, CRB Laboratory Design Expert, has over 20 years of experience programming, planning, and designing research facilities worldwide. With a focus on tested planning principles, Mark uniquely adapts each lab design to support the client's vision to create a collaborative, efficient, and safe environment.


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