Is Energy as a Service Right for My Laboratory?

John Freeze, GreenStruxure
Scott Maloney, Current Partners

Energy as a Service is an outcome-based business model that helps building owners and operators take control of their energy. It can provide owners with cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable energy outcomes to run without upfront capital or operational risks. The benefits are numerous:

  • Typical 10-30% cost savings
  • CO2 reductions of 50% or more
  • Resilience to run your lab
  • Digital information providing real-time updates on energy performance, efficiency, and sustainability metrics
  • Capital freed up for core lab needs and priorities
  • A long-term energy partner that helps you take control of your energy
  • The security of a long-term contract (15-25 years), allowing you to budget for electricity and protecting you from increased rates
  • Industry-leading experts who design, manage and own your renewable energy microgrid’s power and operating system

Energy as a Service can ensure a reliable, steady supply of decarbonized energy to avoid utility outages and weather events that affect existing grid systems. Solutions typically take a year to design, construct and begin operation, depending on the customer's need and location.

This presentation will examine the basics of Energy as a Service—what it is, the benefits, the risks, the typical process, who's using it today and who make the best candidates.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what Energy as a Service is and why it's relevant for sustainable lab building owners and operators;
  • Understand four key benefits that make Energy as a Service valuable for building owners and operators;
  • Understand the typical components, business structure, process and timing of an Energy as a Service solution; and
  • Recognize the common to determine if a lab is a good fit for an Energy as a Service solution.


John has 30+ years experience in the energy and technology fields working with commercial and industrial customers. He has played key roles in driving substantial growth for companies of various sizes, through development and implementation of new market strategies, development of powerful partnerships and direct sales. John has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Masters in Business from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Scott Maloney has over 15 years experience in the sustainable built environment working with renewable energy, carbon offset projects, electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging, microgrids, and room-by-room predictive analytics and HVAC controls. Scott served as the Director of Renewable Power for Carbon Solutions Group, an environmental asset advisory firm, and has worked with thousands of LEED projects, providing renewable energy certificates, working hand in hand with architects, engineers and LEED Consultants. He is currently the Managing Director of Current Partners, a consulting firm formed to create relationships between renewable energy/sustainability companies and the build environment.


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