Leveraging a Forward-Thinking Approach to Achieve a Carbon Neutral Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Facility

Jeff Wegner, CRB

Deploying sustainable design strategies is more important than ever, as hundreds of companies commit to 100% renewable energy. In the life sciences industry, these commitments to energy conservation have started a zero carbon revolution. However, understanding the challenges to reaching zero carbon is crucial. To achieve decarbonization, we must implement the most equitable long-term strategies while applying the best design and construction practices.

In this presentation, we will share how, following the energy + sustainability charrette, we created a four-step process to achieve a zero-carbon, zero-water, high-resiliency manufacturing facility for a biotechnology client focused on developing therapies and cures with minimal environmental impact. Additionally, we will discuss cost savings and the advantages of various financing strategies, as well as design innovations that can increase a site's resiliency toward utility price fluctuation.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify ways to implement a forward-thinking approach to sustainability;
  • Analyze technologies that allow electrification to have better life cycle costs;
  • Evaluate effective design strategies to reduce energy consumption; and
  • Gain an understanding of the various financing strategies for CapEx and OpEx savings.


Jeff Wegner has over 15 years of experience in mechanical design and project management of life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and energy services industries. His commitment to decarbonization designs is evident in his collaboration among multiple disciplines and his practical yet innovative approaches to successfully meet client's needs.


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