Construction Management and CxA Collaboration and Tools for Enhanced Project Success

Donald Hill, AccuTec Services, Inc
Patrick Kantor, Whiting Turner

The NextGen Precision Health Project will support the University of Missouri System's precision health initiative. The 265,000 square-foot building integrates multi-disciplinary laboratory space with advanced analytical instrumentation, computational processing and pilot-scale manufacturing under one roof. The project was delivered 6 weeks ahead of schedule and under budget and, although being constructed in the heart of COVID, there were minimal lost working days because of owner and construction management (CM) precautions.

This presentation addresses how the following enhanced not only the commissioning of the project but the overall building MEP.

  • Design review process and how design comments were addressed. Over 1,100 pieces of equipment were included in the commissioning scope of work and over 31,000 data fields to be verified. CM utilized commissioning deliverables and data statistics to validate sub completion in addition to traditional practices.
  • The project had a unique separation of responsibilities in that all control components were provided by the contractor and all programming was provided by the owner.
  • Commissioning meetings targeted the construction and startup schedule and coordination of TAB activities. Meetings doubled as mini MEP coordination efforts.
  • Agreement on deficiency resolution will be addressed.

    Learning Objectives

    • Usage of data across disciplines for coordinated effort to project completion;
    • Using data analytics for measuring project milestones;
    • Efficient use of all parties time by proper preparation for meetings and targeted goals for each meeting session; and
    • Managing a large amount of equipment and data fields and methods for tracking status and deficiencies.


    Don is president of AccuTec Services, Inc. with over 40 years of experience, providing commissioning services and cleanroom related services from design review through acceptance testing. Don is a NEBB CP in TAB, BSC, CPT and has served on the NEBB board of directors and is a past president of the organization.

    Patrick Kantor is a senior project manager for Whiting Turner and was the project manager for the Next Gen project form the design phase through the final project closeout.


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