Decarbonization of Lab Spaces

Jessica Mangler, AEI

Decarbonization goals and mandates are becoming more prominent. These directives present unique challenges for the laboratory industry, where there’s little precedent showing how to achieve these goals. Designing and operating a decarbonized building can seem like an intimidating task for facilities owners with energy-intensive, mission-critical lab buildings. Ultimately, achieving these goals is going to require our industry’s professionals to work together and address this effort. What type of goals have been set in your laboratory facilities? Do you know how to implement solutions that meet these goals? Do you have success stories to share with the industry?

Come to this session with your thoughts and ideas, as we’ll engage the audience in an interactive working session after the presentations. We plan to discuss concerns and questions about how design professionals and facility Owners can work together to meet decarbonizations goals.

The speaker’s presentations will share simple and maintainable strategies for solving daunting challenges that decarbonization goals present to laboratory buildings. After this session, attendees will be motivated to progress sustainability within the laboratory industry using newly learned decarbonization strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate differences between the designs with decarbonization strategies vs traditional approaches;
  • Understand how simple system designs can solve complex decarbonization challenges;
  • Identify multi-purpose design strategies that meet decarbonization goals and maintain critical lab operations; and
  • Connect facility owners with similar challenges in their laboratory facilities so that experiences can be shared.


Jessica Mangler is a Mechanical Project Engineer at Affiliated Engineers, Inc. in Seattle, WA. She has over thirteen years of experience in mechanical systems design for laboratory buildings. Jessica's area of expertise includes hydronic HVAC designs that focus on high performing, including net zero energy, and all electric, sustainable laboratories and other complex building types.


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