Accelerating the Journey to Decarbonization through Strategic Prioritization and Innovative Dehumidification

Colton Heaps, Millig Design Build
Lauren Donley, Millig Design Build

As the 25th largest carbon emitter in the world, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector must accelerate its decarbonization efforts now to preserve a livable climate and achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

This won't be easy to do—or navigate, as there is a multitude of competing options. And, in a world where product manufacturers drive much of the information and solutions, it can be difficult to determine how to prioritize spending to create the most impact.

This presentation will provide guidance and examples on why a comprehensive engineering analysis should be considered as the foundational effort for determining how to prioritize decarbonization projects. Millig also will share real-world examples and focus on one of the largest (and most overlooked) emissions-producing systems—dehumidification via overcooling and reheat.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what you can learn from a comprehensive engineer analysis of your facility and why it is important;
  • Connect the dots about how the climate zone, utility grid emissions factors, and the purpose of your facility affect decision-making about prioritization of decarbonization projects;
  • Identify what services and processes generate the largest carbon emissions in laboratory facilities; and
  • Learn about the strategies and technologies available today that can reduce dehumidification and HVAC carbon emissions by 40% and when to apply these different technologies.


Colton Heaps, PE, LEED AP BD+C, is Director of Engineering at Millig Design Build. Colton has 15 years of experience developing design-build retrofit projects nationwide. Colton is currently responsible for leading a diverse team of engineering talent and ensuring the precision and quality of Millig Design Build efforts.

Lauren co-founded Millig Design Build, an integrated engineering, design, and construction firm specializing in industrial decarbonization. As its vice president, Lauren works in partnership with clients to achieve organizational energy transformation.


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