When to Use Chilled Beams in Laboratory Applications—It Depends!

Greg Johnson, Newcomb & Boyd, LLP
Walker Jones, Newcomb & Boyd, LLP

Using three recent case studies, each with a different outcomes, we will review the economics of chilled beam HVAC systems in laboratories with a focus on: identifying and including all the relevant costs for systems option comparison; understanding how the specific space program and applications impacts the life cycle cost analysis, including both capital and energy costs; and understanding other features and characteristics of chilled beam systems that may impact system selection, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify applications where chilled beams may be beneficial;
  • Identify the relevant construction cost elements when comparing chilled beams to other systems;
  • Identify other pros and cons of chilled beam systems compared to other system; and
  • Understand approach to develop cost comparisons and life cycle cost analysis with chilled beam systems.


Greg is passionate about serving clients by helping them identify and achieve their project goals through collaboratively selecting the best solution specifically for them. His background includes an emphasis on laboratory and higher education facilities. He has spoken and published on sustainable and energy efficient laboratories.

Walker has significant leadership and expertise higher education and research laboratories facilities, and the corporate sector. He enjoys the challenges that each project presents and hopes that work will make a positive difference in the world. Walker has been involved in more than 15 LEED projects, two of which earned COTE Top Ten awards.


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