I2SL's Electronic Library (E-Library)

I2SL's E-Library is a portal of information from around the world on new applied technologies, lessons learned, and other valuable resources for architects, engineers, builders, owners, and operators of laboratories and other high-technology facilities.

What's in the E-Library?

The links below include technical papers and reports on high-technology facilities contributed by our audience. Papers are organized by topic and then alphabetical by title.

Interested in submitting something to our E-Library? If you have a paper, case study, presentation, or other piece of useful information that you would like to share with the sustainable laboratory community, we would like to hear from you! Simply email your submission suggestion to I2SL.

E-Library Topic Areas

E-Library Articles

Evaluating Performance

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Laboratory Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems

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Laboratory Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

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Lab Resilience

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Laboratory Users

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Pandemic Response and Readiness

Sustainable Architecture

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