I2SL Chapters

I2SL's community is working to make all of the world's laboratories and related high-technology facilities more sustainable. We have gotten a good start, but we can use your help to expand the reach of our shared mission.

I2SL seeks individual leaders and organizations to share in the rewards of creating and promoting more sustainable laboratories and other high-tech facilities worldwide by establishing new I2SL Chapters. I2SL Chapters will be able to leverage their contacts, hold events, and offer other resources within the Chapter's geographic region to promote the mission and activities of I2SL.

Meet I2SL's Chapters

I2SL has chartered the following Chapters. Find the Chapter that represents your region and visit their web page for more information.

Don't see an I2SL Chapter in your region? Consider starting one! Contact I2SL to connect with other interested individuals and start an I2SL Chapter.

Chapter Calendar

Check out the Chapter Calendar to see upcoming events in your area.

Chapter Benefits

Once your organization is chartered as an I2SL Chapter, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • A unique Chapter logo.
  • Access to I2SL's contacts who reside within your Chapter's area of activities.
  • Access to I2SL's workshops as a revenue-sharing opportunity.
  • Guidance from I2SL's meeting planners—who have planned the I2SL Annual Conference for more than a decade—on initiating your own Chapter's conference.
  • Access and ability to freely share with Chapter members any materials I2SL currently maintains.
  • Opportunity to have a dedicated Chapter page on I2SL's website to promote your Chapter's initiatives, events, and contacts.
  • Opportunities to provide case studies, best practices, and presentations at the I2SL Annual Conference

Read I2SL's New Chapter Guide (370 KB, 11 pp) to get a full picture of I2SL's Chapter benefits and requirements. You can also download electronic copies of I2SL's Chapter Application form and reports. If you are interested in starting an I2SL Chapter in your region, please contact I2SL for more information.