Basic Event Planning Timeline for I2SL Chapter Events

10 to 12 weeks out

  • Determine the format and content of the event and develop a budget.
  • Identify a few possible dates and times, taking into account holidays.
  • Determine and reserve the event location. Consider checking local colleges/universities and county government facilities for low-cost or free event space.
  • Identify, invite, and confirm speakers.
  • Determine how registration and payments will be handled (e.g., through email, through a service like Eventbrite or Weebly).
  • Consider if food and beverages are needed and determine how they will be provided.
  • Identify what audiovisual equipment will be needed and how it will be provided.
  • Consider sending a save the date announcement to your chapter email list. Send a draft to I2SL HQ and allow at least 24 hours for approval.

8 to 10 weeks out

  • Draft a promotional email launching registration and send to I2SL HQ for review. Allow at least 24 hours for approval.
  • Send promotional email to your chapter's email list (I2SL HQ can provide this upon request) and begin tracking registration.
  • Finalize agenda for the event.

6 to 8 weeks out

  • Track registration.
  • Determine what materials will be needed onsite and begin development (e.g., handouts, signage).
  • Ensure presentations are being developed or tour details are being coordinated.

4 to 6 weeks out

  • Send another promotional email to your chapter email list.
  • Confirm schedule, room setup, and audiovisual needs with the venue.
  • Track registration, ensuring all speakers are registered.
  • If you would like to offer AIA credits for the event, submit the AIA Credit Request Form to I2SL HQ.
  • Collect speaker presentations.

1 week out

  • Print name tags, programs, and any other materials needed.
  • Finalize food and beverage needs and make arrangements for it to be delivered or picked up the day of the event.
  • Identify someone who will take photos of the event.

Day of the event

  • Arrive at the event venue at least an hour in advance to confirm room and audiovisual setup and to set up the registration area as necessary.
  • Pick up or receive the food and beverage.
  • If you are offering AIA credits, ask attendees to fill out the Chapter Attendance Form.
  • Take photos of the event.

After the event

  • Submit the Chapter Event Report Form to I2SL HQ within 30 days.
  • If you offered AIA credits, submit the completed Chapter Attendance Form to I2SL HQ.
  • Send a thank you note to speakers and other contacts that assisted with the event.
  • Note what worked well and what could be improved.
  • Share photos and a brief write up with I2SL HQ for promotion.


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