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I2SL San Diego County Chapter
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Welcome to the I2SL San Diego County Chapter Web page! San Diego has a long history with the life sciences industry and laboratory design; is home to the architectural lab icon, The Salk Institute; and is currently the third largest life science cluster in the United States. San Diego set the bar with laboratory building design in the 1960ís and has maintained it for over 50 years. With a perfect climate supporting active lifestyles, San Diego is a home to world-class academic research and development institutes which serve as the headwaters to a thriving industry of biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, research tools, and industrial biotechnology companies.

The goals of the I2SL San Diego County Chapter are to:

  • Inform laboratory designers, builders and especially users of the importance of sustainable laboratory design and operation.
  • Educate industry professionals, as well as our extended community of the best ways in which to employ sustainable designs and operations.
  • Inspire our community to challenge convention and create new environments that are as creative as the science that occurs within them.

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Don Holden, CRB

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Jason Moorhead, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.


Adam Enright, Project Management Advisors, Inc.

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